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Car driving on various road surfaces

But do novice motorists know, what is the difference between the trace of his vehicle and the trail left by the experienced driver’s car? Correct, the last vehicle travels directly and without zigzags.

So, for a driver a beginner to keep the car during the linearity of the movement directly – the task is quite unpleasant.

Even the seemingly simplest action such as speed switching, lowering the car glass and even changing the operating mode of the stove or air conditioner can easily cause the car to spin the steering wheel spontaneously and drive away from the route.

On the whole, the vehicle that deviates from the trajectory can itself “tell” the driver, where should the steering wheel be rotated so that the movement is continued straight.

A motorist with experience in this case instantly returns control to the original position. The beginner, on the contrary, tries with some, besides, delaying to restore at displacement of the car in the direction, a straight line trajectory.

During direct driving the driver should serve as balancers and positioned on the steering wheel symmetrically.

The very technique of steering the steering wheel in many respects depends on the type and quality of the road.

Straight-line ride on a high speed on an even asphalt road can be provided by redistribution on the arm of the weight control of the hands.

At a slight turn from the steering wheel, you must remove one of the hands and under its influence, the steering wheel will turn a little.

After the return of the hand the steering wheel is level, and the car will be able to continue to drive straight.
Road cover with variable coating

If you have to drive along a road on which the normal coverage alternates with rubble or stones, the adhesion of road tires to the road constantly changes.

In order to make the wheels feel as good as possible with the road surface and choose the direction they need, they should continuously rock the steering wheel in different directions.

However, the rocking should not be very large, otherwise the car can carry and it will turn over.
Viscous soil

When driving on a dirty or snow-covered road, the car throws from side to side, so that the steering wheel strives to jump out of hand.

If this happened, quick moves should return the steering wheel to a position where the car’s front wheels would be parallel to the longitudinal axis of the TC.

When riding in ice, it is absolutely impossible to turn sharply the control wheel of the vehicle.

To somehow insure against careless actions by a wheel, if necessary, turn it a little so as to restore the direction of movement of the car, and turn one hand and the other to create resilience.

As soon as the hand acting as a counterweight releases the steering wheel a little, the “counterweight” will return the steering wheel to its original position and the car will continue to move straight.
Riding in the back

It’s not easy to ride at the rear speed. To keep the car from side to side, it is necessary to work very carefully when riding back in the “lamb”. To control the situation on the road, you must turn and move with one hand.

If it is necessary, the direction of movement should be adjusted by turning the steering wheel to the right side, it is necessary to level it and return it to its original position.

But if the motorist falls flat and the steering wheel will be in a turned position for a long time, then the front of the vehicle can be displaced in a completely opposite direction and because of this the car will not move directly, but on a completely winding trajectory.

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