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What should I do if my car is lost?

Well, if a motorist never has to face a loss of a technical passport for his car in his lifetime. Of course, one can not say that it is impossible or very difficult to restore it, but the bureaucratic system in our country is such that it takes away, in addition to time, a bunch of forces. But no matter how, you should not panic, although you still have to be reinsured.

The first thing to do after learning about the loss of the PTS is to put your vehicle in the parking lot, for it may well be that its loss is in fact a banal theft, and stolen documents can easily drive a vehicle.

Secondly, it is necessary to decide: to start the restoration of the technical passport immediately or for a while it is better to wait. It happens that the documents found are thrown. Good results sometimes also give ads with a promise of monetary reward for their return. But here the motorist risks that the intruders with his PTS can during this time turn off any fraudulent scheme. Foremost motorists recommend not to postpone the case, and immediately, as the disappearance will be detected, to restore their recovery.
What to do to the driver, if the car was lost on the road?
The step-by-step recommendation is divided into several mandatory stages. If any of them will be ignored, then the motorist will lose precious time.
Visiting the traffic police department
You do not need to look for a particular department, you can go to the nearest one and write a statement. If the motorist is absolutely sure that the PTS is stolen, then he still needs to insist that he has been lost, and there are no thoughts about theft.

If the driver, God forbid, declares theft, then a criminal case will be opened on this fact, and until the investigation is completed, the motorist will have to forget about the new documents. And even the most experienced investigators do not know how much the investigation will last.

In some traffic police, besides a statement from the injured driver, you may be required to write an explanatory note and indicate in which circumstances the technical passport for the car has been lost.
Go to the MREO
This time the car enthusiast needs exactly the place where the car is registered. The driver must have:

– passport;


– car insurance;

– receipts on payment of transport tax, a fee for a new technical passport.

But before you go to the MREO, you should, if any, pay unpaid fines.

Arrival with documents is necessary on a car: there it will be placed on the observation deck, where experts will be reconciled to the number of units.

After all the necessary documents are handed over, the owner of the vehicle will only have to wait. At a favorable outcome, a temporary PCT will be issued literally the next day.

Often, a motorist does not issue a duplicate of the PTS, but a temporary technical passport for the car, valid only for 3 months. And only after this period of time the motorist will be able to get a new document.

However, it is not only due to theft or loss to restore the technical passport on the TC. This document can also be washed, watered or broken at all by the driver. It will be necessary to change in this case, but in some simplified order.

The motorist will not be required to provide a car to reconcile the body and engine numbers, for no matter what kind of documents they were, but they still exist. Yes, and in the statement in the column “Cause” will be indicated “Damage to technical passport” and he will, accordingly, be attached.

Such actions will be carried out also at the change of the motorist’s surname.

From the description it is clear that nothing particularly terrible in the loss of PTS car owner is not threatened. However, the knowledge of how to proceed when a technical passport is lost on an automobile can theoretically be useful.

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