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Fine for re-depriving driver’s license in 2017

On roads of our country employees of the traffic police daily detect many violations of traffic accidents. Sometimes situations arising on the road force motorists to violate the rules, but sometimes they are quite consciously and, I must say, deliberately go to commit an offense.

Often, the phenomenon is driving a driver by motor transport in a state of both narcotic and alcoholic intoxication. It is known that such a ride is very dangerous not only for the owner of the car, but also for other participants of the DD. That is why sanctions against the driver for such a violation is more severe.
What threatens a motorist with deprivation of rights to drive drunkenly?
A person who is driving a car in a drunken way, the reaction slows down and the coordination of motion is violated, which, in turn, does not affect well his ability to drive a car.

A person with a “cupboard” can observe the following changes:

1. Decrease of concentration;

2. Everything around it can be observed in a distorted light;

3. His pain sensations are not perceived sufficiently.

If the driver in a drunken state sits behind the wheelchair of a car, this is a direct threat and such a person is a potential criminal, since other people can suffer besides him: car owners and pedestrians. Such a violation at the legislative level involves severely punishing drunk drivers for such an offense, especially if the motorist did it again. A motorist found in such a violation who does not acknowledge his guilt is required to undergo a medical examination, the essence of which is mandatory testing, for determining the presence of alcohol. Such a procedure must be performed by the driver in the presence of two witnesses.

However, the driver has the right to disagree with the testing or survey results. In this case, he will have to take an analysis for the discovery of alcohol in his blood. If the result turns out to be positive, the motorist will lose his rights and will be fined.
Punishment for a motorist
If the perpetrator of the vehicle owner is completely determined, he will not be deprived of the punishment.

The law provides for the following types of punishment for drunk drivers:

– a fine in the amount of 30,000 rubles

– deprivation of the right to drive a car for 18-24 months.

For some time, the punishment for such a violation was limited to a fine. More severe punishment has appeared recently. Sanctions for such gross violation of the DD rules depend on the gravity and the presence of the victims. If the consequences are severe, the driver-violator may be deprived of his freedom.
What does a motorist face for a breach, if it is repeated?
Since, the law prescribes a measure of restraint for riding in a drunken manner, the fixation of this violation will again turn into a motorist with a very severe responsibility.
From 2015 onwards, for such an offense, the offender will face a fine other than a fine and imprisonment.
In what cases can a violation be considered repeated?
Some motorists who have already caught the inspector in a drink and who have suffered for this punishment, believe that again they will be deprived not only of driver’s license, but also of freedom. In reality, everything is a little different.

Repeated offense will only be confirmed by medex examination, and if from the time of the first incident it took less than a year. If the period was longer, then the driver could only be fined.

When riding again under the “cupboard”, the mountain driver should be ready:

1. The fine in the sum of 200-300000. rubles. In addition, the motorist will be limited in the right to occupy any particular post for 3 years;

2. Involved in mandatory work for 480 hours or corrective labor for up to 2 years;

3. The most severe and unwanted punishment for any driver – imprisonment up to 2 years.

A convicted driver will lose his driver’s license irrespective of the type of sentence for three years. Since each individual incident has its own scenario development, then, accordingly, the punishment may be different. It all depends on what the court will decide.

So, every motorist must understand all the degree of responsibility and think, before getting into a car in a drunken way. Deprivation of VU is not the most severe measure of punishment, deprivation of liberty is much worse.

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