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What should I do if I stopped the car? How to do if the car closed the exit.

Virtually every car owner has at least once faced with the fact that his vehicle at the parking place turned out to be blocked by a number of nearby cars. This kind of ridiculous and the situation can happen anywhere and with anyone: near shopping centers, near the house or in the parking lot at work.
Locked out of the yard
No need to panic if something happened to someone. It is necessary to understand soberly in the current situation. If this happened under the windows of his own home, where all the motorists are familiar, one can try to find the culprator on his own, because they may have a neighbor. It is beyond doubt that he will leave the house and free his fare. But, unfortunately, it is not always possible to solve the problem very quickly. Sometimes the road can be blocked by a completely different person.

It is possible, of course, to call the tow truck and to tow a car that interferes with the passage to another place. However, in this case, problems with the owner of such a car may subsequently appear.

You can, of course, pretend that you have seen the car standing and scratch it when you try to press the door. Let him then run to the insurer and demand an insurance payment. Although, of course, this “variant” will deliver some kind of moral satisfaction, but it should be remembered that there are ears and eyes in every courtyard. So such a bad act is hardly possible to hide. If, God forbid, someone will point your finger, then you will have to pay the injured car owner for compensation for the damage caused.

Our legislation does not provide for a solution to such a situation. Such a neighbor can only be fined 300 rubles. But he has the right to apply to the traffic police and, after drawing up the corresponding protocol, the car will be moved by the evacuator to the penalty area.
blocked exit from the yard
Locked out of the parking lot
If such a problem has to be encountered often, it is possible to attach a note to the windshield and ask the owner to leave the cell phone number in order to be able to call the owner of the ill-fated car.

You can call the evacuation service and drag the car to another location.

Since today almost every car car alarm system, it is possible to lightly hit the car and the owner himself will come running on the siren of his “wheelbarrow”. That then and you will be able to ask him to let out the car.
the car blocked the exit from the parking lot
Locked out of the garage
This does not happen often, but it happens. This usually happens if the travel between the garages is too narrow, and it’s hard to get out of the two cars. In this case, you can ask someone to help drag a car that has covered the exit or call the traffic police.
The car closed the exit
If somehow the car closed the exit, then it is necessary to try to signal, maybe the owner of the car and will hear such a request – often such a measure is very effective. You can also try to squeeze alongside a car that has blocked the exit. Sometimes it may seem that it will not work out, but sometimes there are enough pairs of three maneuvers to turn out to be “free”. But one needs to be too zealous: if a motor vehicle closing the car will be scratched, then the one who was driving will remain the culprit.

The law for the unlawful restriction of the rights to the location and management of the TC violates a fine of 2000 rubles. if a person is official, then for such an act he is fined in the amount of 25,000 rubles. Such an article will work if a motorist has blocked the departure from the garage. But if the motorist is blocked by an entrance, then it is impossible to apply this article, because in such a case the motorist who is blocked by the entrance to the garage has no restrictions on the movement.

Recommendations on how to properly park and pay attention to

Before you park, make sure that no one is blocked by an arrival or departure. You also need to put your car in such a way that the driver of the neighboring car could open the doors without interruption.

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