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How to repair and paint leather covers in the car interior? Painting and repairing of leather covers in the car interior.

It is known that the leather material is extremely durable and resistant to rapid wear. The salon finished with this material looks rather luxurious and respectable. However, in the process of operation, the upholstery of the seats, steering bracket and panels are worn out and lose out appearance.

You can use the following methods to add novelty to the finished leather salon:

– completely tighten the worn seats. Although it will allow to renew salon, but to the car owner it will manage in a “kopeka”;

– paint a salon finished with leather in dry cleaning. This procedure, although less costly, however, the chemicals used in cleaning and painting may damage the skin’s surface, break down the structure and promote the rapid wear of the upholstery;

– to repair the leather upholstery on its own. Such procedure is on the shoulder of any motorist, and necessary for this means are sold in each specialized automobile shop.
The main defects of leather products and the reasons for their formation

The interior of the car covered with leather requires repair if:

– the integrity of the skin has become disadvantageous;

– if the upholstery is damaged something.

Frequent cause of damage to the seats are burning cigarettes and treatment with chemical substances when cleaning the cabin.

From the above, it is evident that the scabs, cracks, burnt places of breakage and cuts are formed on the skin. Such defects are easily eliminated on their own.
Restoration of the upholstery from the skin

Restoration of the armchairs trimmed with leather will renew their appearance:

– the surface will gain elasticity and become soft;

– the color of the upholstery will be restored;

– damage will disappear.

The restoration of leather upholstery consists of the following steps:

– training;

– elimination of defects;

– painting.
Before proceeding with the restoration of the skin, the chair should be removed and pulled out of the cabin. Also, very carefully, you should remove the panel and steering wheel.

After this, the leather-covered parts should be inspected and evaluated for damage. Do not see the through holes, whether the area of ​​defects is large, etc.

The cuts, holes, burnt places or scratches found on the upholstery must be repaired prior to painting.
repair and coloring of the leather interior
Necessary tools and materials

In order to eliminate the through holes in the upholstery it is necessary to prepare:

– Nazarene;

– reinforcing mesh;

– glue;

– a solution for degreasing;

– liquid bagel;

– skin simulator;

– tweezers;

– scissors;

– spatulas;

– some kind of heater;

– Cushions for cooling;

– teflon gasket.
Sequence of repair

If the upholstery has through holes, then they need to apply a patch. This process contains the following steps:

Holes need to be prepared and give them an even shape, removing all the bumps, villi and other irregularities.

Pre-prepared edges should be cleaned with fine-grained abrasive and degreased with some alcohol-containing compositions. Solvents such as acetone or white spirit should not be used, as they can spoil the skin.

Then from the reinforcing net you need to cut a patch on a 1.5-2 cm large hole in size. Place it under the upholstery and straighten it out. The inserted mesh will not allow the liquid skin to absorb in the armchair.

For a reinforcing mesh to be firmly supported, it should be applied to the thermal adhesive, which, when cooled, becomes solid. Adhesion with a spatula must be applied to the reinforcing mesh and covered with a teflon gasket. In order for the thermo adhesive to be frozen as quickly as possible, the treated place should be cooled with dampers and removed from the teflon gasket.

As soon as the adhesion hardens, a skin simulator must be applied to the damaged site, which, when solidified, forms a surface that is similar in composition to the skin.
Selection of paint and varnish

Painting of a salon with leather upholstery has its own features. The skin is painted with acrylic paint well kept on it, not causing damage to it and completely harmless after drying.

Acrylic paste is not too viscous and they are easily applied to the surface.

When finishing the products from the skin is used lacquer, giving the surface a glossy look.
Application of a coloring substance

Leather chairs should be painted neatly. The skin, before proceeding to its painting, it is necessary to clean well and how to properly degrease. Cleaning can be done with any neutral cleaning agent. Degreasing the skin should be carried out with alcohol.

So that the paint is evenly laid on leather seats, their surface must be treated with a nail polish and give it a roughness. Detected on the surface of the crack or other defects must be treated with a skin rejuvenator.
Paint steering wheel

This element wears out most. You can paint it with the same colors as the rest of the upholstery. When choosing a paint composition for the steering wheel is not worth it, because this control due to frequent use quickly wears out.

For the steering wheel to become glossy, it must be covered with varnish, for it will give a shine and protect the leather braid from the dirt.
repair and painting of the leather steering wheel

No need to despair if the car interior leather-covered has lost its appearance. The above recommendations will help solve such problems

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