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How to get insurance payments after an accident in 2017? Receipt of disbursements for insurance cases of OSAGO and CASCO in 2017.

No motorist is insured from an accident. According to the law, motorists acquire OSAGO policies, pay contributions and, accordingly, we have the full right to compensation for damages, if the tragedy has happened on the road.
Is it easy to get an insurance compensation after an accident in 2017?
In principle, insurance compensation is not difficult, because this process is regulated by laws, codes and rules of insurance. All this is approved and agreed. However, the most crucial problem is to get a refund exactly in time and if not complete, then at least in sufficient volume.

Given the fact that insurance is actually commerce in its pure form, that is, a commercial organization whose purpose is to profit. If possible, the insurance company will save money on insurance payments, because nothing else is saved on anything else to save them.
insurance payments after an accident in 2017
Why should you start to get real payouts?
To do this, first of all, you should weigh all your material opportunities, choose the right kind of insurance and the insurance company.

As for the type of insurance, if the conversation goes directly to OSAGO, that is, compulsory insurance of civil liability, then it would not be superfluous to buy precisely extended insurance, that is, DOSAGO, as well as if it allows the financial opportunity and not at all about than not to think and receive insurance indemnity regardless of guilt and other factors, then buy also the policy of CASCO. This will avoid a bunch of problems.

As for the insurance company, what to choose is a large one, does not save on insurance. In a city in which a motorist lives, there must be a large insurer’s office.
payments for insurance cases of OSAGO and CASCO in 2017
What should I do to bring the payout amount closer to the amount of losses?
The most important action of any victim from an accident is, first of all, when contacting the insurance company to carefully monitor the drawing up of the inspection report of the car damaged. From this, in fact, absolutely everything begins.

If the SC appraiser fixes all damages available on the vehicle, then according to this act, as if the insurance company did not calculate the cost of eliminating the defects found, then the amount of damage based on this act can be recalculated by an independent expert expert.
act of inspection to receive payments for insurance cases of OSAGO and KASKO in 2017
What to do to a motorist if he does not agree with the appraiser of the insurance company?
This is a typical situation. When an independent expert or a car workshop master says, for example, that the bumper is split and it needs to be changed, and a representative of the insurance company begins to say that it can be repaired. Of course, the representative of the company of the insurer can, without obviously deliberate, not notice any damage and either does not record it, misleading the client, in this case, such a protocol of inspection is not necessary to sign. It must be remembered that regardless of the conclusions and circumstances, any person has the right to conduct an independent assessment and forensic examination.
How do insurance companies manage to reduce the cost of damage?
As stated above, the insurance company seeks to make a profit in any way. And, accordingly, for this purpose they employ “manual” experts.

The deception is made in the elementary way: they consider the cost of repairs of foreign cars at the price of cheap “Zhiguli”, that is, they take the norm, literally lowered literally from the ceiling, the cost of spare parts. This is often done by insurers, because there is no such thing as a liability for undervaluation of insurance payments.
How insurance companies lower insurance premiums after an accident
Can an act about an accident compiled by a DPS employee somehow affect the amount of damages?
Yes, of course. In general, what an employee of the traffic police on the site of an accident is writing is a primary document that is of great significance. Even the size of the damage that affects them in the certificate of an accident, and how much in itself is the guilt / innocence of a person, matters not even. Often, in a controversial situation, the question of the inspector of the DPS can be solved not in favor of the true victim, but in favor of a “bunch” or his friend.

Therefore, it is recommended that the victim should not turn the law into a “hinge”, call the service of emergency commissioners. They will record on the photo the damage received by the vehicle, the interconnection of cars on the carriageway, as well as help collect the documents for the insurance company.

An important plus is that “dpsnik” in the certificate about the accident rewrites all the damage received by both machines.

What should I do if my car is lost?
Well, if a motorist never has to face a loss of a technical passport for his car in his lifetime. Of course, one can not say that it is impossible…


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