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Fines for OSAGO 2017: for lack of insurance, overdue policy and other violations related to OSAGO in 2017.

Many car owners worry about how he can be punished or fined, if stopped by the DPS inspector, and he will not have insurance coverage for 2017 by OSAGO. Situations in which a motorist may not have a lot of car insurance:

– The OSAGO policy may not be issued;

– the driver could forget him at home;

– the policy may be overdue;

– transmission of a rudder to a person not included in the OSAGO policy.

Since the situations listed are, in essence, different violations, each case should be considered individually.
The fine for transferring the management of a TC to a person is not inscribed in the insurance of OSAGO
If a car operated by a person not specified in the OSAGO policy is stopped, then the fine in 2017 will be 500 rubles.

If such a driver proves to be the fault of the accident, the insurer will in any case pay compensation, because the vehicle has been insured. However, after payment, the insurance company may file a lawsuit against the perpetrator of the accident and request a refund.

To prevent this from happening, you can make unlimited insurance. It costs, of course, to be more expensive, but the car owner will be able to entrust his car to any person who has a driver’s license with him, without fear that something will be violated.
The fine for the transfer of management to a person is not inscribed in the insurance of OSAGO
Fine for car ride without insurance policy
In addition to the above-mentioned violation, there is another situation – this is when the motorist does not have a policy. The amount of the fine may vary, everything is in direct dependence on specific circumstances.

Many drivers are interested in what might be if he forgot the auto insurance of the OSAGO at home, and what kind of it is for this mistake to expect a fine. In this case, you should read article. 12.3 Part 2, which states that for such a violation the driver will be fined 500 rubles.

To the driver for a note! In support of his words that the insurance is available, the motorist may ask the “dpsnik” to break his vehicle on the database, there should be all information about insurance.

But if the motorist decided not to issue a car insurance, then he faces a fine in the amount of 800 rubles in the absence of a compulsory insurance policy for OSAGO in 2017. If the person managing the car and its owner are different people, then both will be fined. The first one will be punished for driving a car without insurance, and the second for not having issued a policy. This article provides for penalties for both the absence of an insurance policy and for car insurance without insurance.

The motorist must know! In the administrative code there is a concept – overdue auto insurance. So, if the policy is overdue, then the driver does not have OSAGO policy and he will be fined 800 rubles for overdue insurance in 2017 by OSAGO.

It should be noted and the use of the car in “wrong time”. There are such motorists who make short-term insurance for three months or six months. Such auto insurance, as a rule, is used by summer residents who do not go anywhere in the winter.

But if such a driver is stopped by the inspector of the DPS during a period that is not specified in the insurance, then he will be fined for a sum of 500 rubles. This has not happened, it is important to determine in advance what time period will still be used for the car. All these nuances must necessarily be taken into account when making an insurance policy. Otherwise, the owner of the car will have to buy money for penalties.
a fine for lack of OSAGO insurance in 2017
Evacuation of motor vehicles on a parking lot for lack of auto insurance of OSAGO
Many motorists are interested in whether the car can be evacuated to a penalty spot in the absence of car insurance. In 2017, the evacuation of the TC to the penalty seat, if the driver does not appear to have the OSAGO policy under his own control, is not applicable. So, the owner of the car will have to pay only a fine of 800 rubles. for car ride without insurance.

Previously, for this they could remove the registration numbers from the car, but today there is no such thing.

It is useful for the driver to know that if the fine for the violation is paid within 20 days, he will be able to pay 50% of the required amount by OSAGO.
evacuation of the car for lack of OSAGO insurance
The second and subsequent penalties for the absence of car insurance
Such a question is puzzling by many drivers and they immediately begin to refer to: clause 5 of article 4. 1 of the KOAP of Russia: “No person can be twice responsible for the same violation.”

But if it is still interesting to know, what is the amount of a repeated fine for lack of OSAGO insurance in 2017 and how many times a fine can be imposed, one should carefully read the article and understand its interpretation: “By law, it is impossible for the same violation of rules to punish repeatedly “. But this does not mean that in 24 hours the driver can only be fined once.

Indicates this only to the fact that a motorist can stop an employee of the traffic police and fined for lack of auto insurance. But if another is done at the moment of the move

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