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Electric car – the pros and cons. Advantages and disadvantages of the car on electricity.

Whether we like it or not, but an electric car is the inevitable future of our automotive industry. Many world manufacturers of transport invest a lot of money in their development. This is largely contributing to the steady increase in prices for petroleum products and the need to reduce the harmful emissions of the environment.

Everyone knows about gasoline engines and diesel engines. Many are known and biofuel-powered cars. But quite recently, the public was presented with cars moving on electricity, which save raw materials from oil and less pollute the environment with harmful exhaust gases.

A dream to save on fuel for a car is present at any motorist. Gasoline prices are growing steadily, despite the fall in oil prices. Some car owners set up their own gas installations for the sake of saving gas. Others decide to buy a car powered by electricity. He, in their opinion, is more environmentally friendly, since it does not produce harmful exhaust gases. Such machines are not new for a long time. Their first species appeared long before the ICE appeared. However, the simplicity and convenience of gasoline cars for a long time postponed the implementation of such an economic project. This question arose again because of the rising cost of oil products.

In this area of ​​automotive industry today, the largest developers are China, Japan, America and other countries. In the countries listed, the rapid use of such cars begins and, it must be said, is unsuccessful. In order for the car to be driven, an electric motor receiving a feed from the battery is used. But, unfortunately, the battery is quickly discharged and it is periodically charged. Undoubtedly, the research of new cars is actual and nowadays, but serial versions of cars are not forgotten. Variety of different cars Mazda Veris, Lada Kalina, working on fuel, more and more motorists are forced to think about how to save fuel. Electric cars are divided into several types: by operation and speed.
electric car
Electric vehicle arrangement
The electric motor driven by an electric motor does not have an internal combustion engine. But in it, as well as in a conventional car there is a rechargeable battery, charger and other necessary parts. The battery corresponds to the power of the vehicle and its technical data. If you compare DVS and an electric motor, then the latter is better and more efficient than the first one.

The advantages of an electric motor:

– Maximum torque.

– easy to manage.

– has a simple design.

– ability to self-recharge.

It is possible and install several electric units to increase the speed characteristics of the vehicle. But many electric motors in the car negatively affect the controllability and the weight of the car itself. All systems in such a car are quite simple and quite uncomplicated.

Also in the electric vehicle there is an own control system, something remotely similar to the car’s BC. This system controls the operation of important sensors, nodes and aggregates in an electric machine and maintains their functionality. However, with all the advantages and disadvantages available, electric cars are more expensive than their petrol and diesel “brethren”.
electric vehicle unit
The advantages of electric cars
There are not many electric machines today, but their number is increasing rapidly. The advantage of such a vehicle is the compactness and the fact that the electricity costs much cheaper than gasoline.

A progressive reduction in battery life is a major plus. Even after the end of fuel, such a machine is still able to move. Compared to other cars, the electric car works much quieter, almost silent. The service in electric cars is simple, they do not need either a saucer, no motor oil, nor filters.

The speed of such a vehicle can be considered a plus and a minus, because in order to save energy, it will need to be reduced to 80 km / h.
Minuses of electric cars
In addition to the pros and there are big minuses, able to again postpone indefinitely a massive transition to this kind of motor transport. The main and important minus is the capacity of the battery, on which such an automobile will not pass more than a hundred kilometers. Unfortunately, the fact that in the near future its capacity will increase will not yet be observed.

The number of fueling in electric vehicles is significantly lower than that of gasoline cars. The battery comes into disrepair after 3 years of operation, and after this period it will have to be changed. Its cost is equivalent to purchasing a new car. It is also problematic to keep the electric vehicle, because in the winter the battery in the frost will quickly stop functioning normally and will fail. So, such a car can be stored in winter only in the garage.

Difficulties with the repair of a car working on electricity will also appear due to the lack of specialist competently in them understands. It is for this reason that the repair can stand in a “penny”. To everything else, the car owner may arise

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