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What is a car cut? Cutting machines – what is it, where they come from, how much they cost and where to buy.

The acquisition of a vehicle – for many motorists is an important and unforgettable event. With a lot of money in their dream and wanting to get a beautiful car, they are absolutely sure that the car bought will serve them for a long time without problems, will not require repair and will never drop. That is why many people are trying to buy a foreign car brought from one of the EU countries. There are a number of reasons that can explain such a solution. Many believe that if Europe has good roads, then cars are being operated more deeply in Russia than in Russia. But, unfortunately, when purchasing a car brought, for example, from Germany, there is a lot of chance to be in a delicate situation, which is called an auto-saw.

Most car buyers with experience know what it is like. This term has been used recently, since the “designers” have lost their relevance. In the latter case, the vehicle was disassembled in the country where it was bought and, once it was transported to Russia, was re-assembled. But not all original spare parts came to the destination, and the assembly of the car was not at a height. But as for the car cut, this case is also ridiculous, because the machine simply saws into several parts.
Why do many prefer to buy cars from the EU or America?
Buying a car with a run from one of Europe, Japan or “States” is very popular. American motorists regard their vehicles as usually without “love”, but they stand in the secondary to the unpredictable cheap. That’s why many people try to buy a car right here.

But Japanese used “carts” are also famous for their cheapness, but compared to competitors from the Ocean, they are more lean and the cars coming from there are simply magnificent. However, getting them from the East is much harder. Therefore, the EU is considered the most optimal option. The advantages of purchasing a European car with a run are as follows:

– high class auto;

– all cars are usually well-groomed and used exclusively by original spare parts and consumables;

– roads of good quality in Europe perfectly affect the safety of the car;

– the car became a thing that ages after three years of age;

– a car running 7 years, Europeans are not perceived as a full-fledged vehicle. But in our “wild” country, such “carriages” are pulled to “hurray” and they then after another, for a long time, chase on our “jagged” roads;

– Such cars are not expensive because of their condition and mileage.

In Germany, it’s hard to sell a car with a run. Such a technique there, predominantly acquired by either students, or not so wealthy people. The bulk of the German population, for the most part, car buys in car dealerships. That is why it is profitable to acquire second-hand cars in Europe.

In Russia today, some companies can deliver the car to the buyer by order or sell the already brought and dismantled equipment to him. Just with the latter most often and there are difficulties. The car was cut just because of the high cost of customs clearance.
auto cut
Features of car saw – for what and how is carried out sawed?
If a motor vehicle is purchased independently in the EU, it is imported into our country and is issued at the customs office, then the risk of buying a motorized saw is minimal. But if it is ordered in an automobile company engaged in precisely the distillation of machinery, then there is no guarantee that a car-cut is bought.

Disassembling a car and cutting it to pieces allows you to lower the cost of state duty on the TC. In this form, the company saves on the order of 70-75% of payments when passing customs, reduces the cost price of the car and increases their profit. The vehicle is sawn in this way:

– abroad the car is completely disassembled;

– spare parts and items are packed and sent in parts to the customer’s address to Russia;

– then the car itself is cut directly – the wings, the roof and the frame itself are cut off from the car body;

– the elements with the body numbers are transported illegally, or they remain in the country in which the car was released;

– further for a fraction of a price you buy a second-hand car that has survived an accident with the documents and a clone is produced;

– When the body is brought to the customer, a full assembly of the car is carried out.

The only problem is that the assembly of such a car can not be qualitative. But garage craftsmen can do everything beautifully and “snatch” the buyer’s car for a very good price.

It’s not difficult for a person to drive a car by car, who prefers to buy a car cheaper than domestic cars brought from abroad.
car cut
What troubles can you expect after acquiring a car cut?
The question is quite and very interesting. If such a car is assembled more or less with “love”, then for some time the buyer will ride on it and try not to pay attention to small problems. Then the steering wheel will start to drive the car in with

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