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How to buy beautiful numbers for your car? Beautiful state registration marks for a car.

Demand for beautiful car registration plate numbers exists everywhere, and abroad it is possible to buy them absolutely legal. The cost of “blatnykh” numbers, as a rule, is measured by hundreds of thousands, and often it is times exceeds the price of the TC itself. As for our country, here too, there are several opportunities on legal grounds to acquire them, it is necessary only to know where to find and how to properly arrange them.
How to find and where to buy beautiful registration plate numbers in Russia for your car?
This type of procedure, such as the purchase of interesting license plates for vehicles, is very complicated, very expensive and not accessible to everyone. But still you can do this if you use the following methods:

1. It is necessary to go online on the Internet to special sites that provide services to select beautiful rooms. And if you wish, you can choose even an interesting combination of signs. Once the number is selected, it will be possible to place an order on it.

It is difficult to say how much this kind of activity can be legitimate, for the manufacture of registration car numbers under the order, and even more so, their sale in our country is prohibited.

2. Ask if anyone knows about selling relatives or friends. It may well be that some of them have had to buy beautiful numbers or they know who is doing it. Although, it must be assumed that the probability of this is negligible. This way of selling / purchasing numbers is relatively legal, especially if they were obtained by the car owner in a completely formal way in the traffic police. In addition, it should be remembered that there is always a risk of falling into a fishing rod of scammers.

3. Buy a car with such license plates. This kind of scheme, though not very cheap, but it is the most reliable. In this case, a vehicle is purchased with the necessary registration marks, which are re-issued to another car owner. An old car can be sold after the purchase.

4. To request such a request in the traffic police. This option is certainly risky and is unlikely to be legal, since officially license plates for a car are issued only in a random order. So, in order to become the owner of beautiful rooms, it will be necessary to violate the law and give a “paw” to the employee of the auto inspection.

5. Get these numbers by accident. Of course, there is a small, even minuscule percentage, such a probability, but nevertheless, the odds for it are practically zero, for, at all, it’s not a secret, all beautiful numeric combinations get, as a rule, “thick sums”, and in the mere “mortal” no distinctive features on the car is not present.

So, which of the above methods should be preferred only by the owner of the car. With all this, there will be all envy and the fact, on what kind of “madness” he decides to go for it and, of course, the thickness of his wallet.

Of great importance is the procedure of registration of registration numbers, because it is not enough to acquire them, they still have to be completely legally installed on their car.
beautiful numbers for a car
What is the price of a beautiful room?
It makes sense to immediately say that rooms with beautiful numbers and numbers and a digital combination are very expensive. How precisely is it difficult to say, then their cost can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of rubles. Also, it will be necessary to prepare for additional expenses, which are connected with re-registration of the motor transport itself, license plates and insurance purchase.

In order to legally issue registration numbers, it is necessary to buy the transport vehicle on which they must be installed. This is done in one of several ways:

The motorist purchases motor vehicles together with license plates, re-registers them to another car, and puts the old ones on a car bought. After this the machine can be returned to the seller or sold. The desirable numbers he leaves on his car.

In another way, the scheme is similar to the first one, but now the parties between them are changing places, now the seller of automobile numbers buys the truck of the buyer, puts interesting numerals on him and sells it back. Such a way is more convenient for the car owner, since he does not at all risk his own car.

The last option involves the presence of a mediator. The person selling the numbers acquires him a car, reissues the numbers, and car transfers to the buyer, who hangs the numbers on his car, and returns the car bought back to the intermediary.

And in the first and second and third cases the transaction can be executed. The scheme will be based on the type of selected documents.

It is quite clear that the chosen methods require time and money.
how to buy beautiful car numbers
The legality of the question
The demand for interesting numbers, with repeating mirror marks in our country, is so extensive that it was decided to legalize it. In the framework of the anti-corruption struggle, the traffic police developed a special project, under which the sale of registration marks was carried out legally.

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