What should I do if my car is lost?
Well, if a motorist never has to face a loss of a technical passport for his car in his lifetime. Of course, one can not say that it is impossible…

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What should I do if my car is lost?
Well, if a motorist never has to face a loss of a technical passport for his car in his lifetime. Of course, one can not say that it is impossible…

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Are the rights required on the trailer? In which cases do you need special rights to drive with a trailer?
A trailer for a car today is the most popular attribute for any car. Such an automobile accessory is very successfully used by both gardeners and farmers as it is…

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How much does the car cost in 2017?

Undoubtedly, those who had to go to the automotive sites of America or Japan, had the pleasure of seeing very interesting prices for cars. There is absolutely no reason for this, since the price of cars in the USA is actually practically the lowest, and even the cost of customs clearance for the final price does not greatly affect.

Despite the fact that from year to year world ecological requirements and prices for customs clearance of TC are growing more and more – the number of those who want to import and clean cars from the “States” or the Land of the Rising Sun remains quite impressive.
What does affect the cost of customs clearance?
Should I look more closely at how much will I have to pay for the customs clearance of vehicles in 2017? Here are 3 basic moments of importing a foreign car to Russia with its rastamzok:

– the car is purchased abroad and the motorist himself, at customs control, draws up the documents;

– the car is bought outside the country, but its customs clearance is not the car owner himself, but the customs broker (the owner pays only for customs clearance and the cost of work of the broker);

– an unauthorized car is purchased in the Russian Federation and the buyer is engaged in its repair.

The cost of customs clearance is affected by the year of issue of motor vehicles and the volume of its power unit. Miniature racing for 3-5 years is the cheapest purchase option. If customs clearance is carried out by a legal entity, or a physical person for commercial purposes, the price of the customs clearance is higher. For private persons who make out a car purchased abroad, the UTS works. For legal entities, the price is calculated on the STP.
the cost of customs clearance of an autobyber

We will try to generalize and determine what affects the cost of customs clearance of a vehicle:

1. Age:

– new TC;

– from 1-3 years;

– 3-5 years;

– 5-7 years old;

– more than seven years.

2. Type of aggregate: gasoline, “diesel”, electric motor, hybrid.

3. Type of vehicle – passenger car or truck? Calculation of the cost of customs clearance of freight vehicles and passenger cars. When customs clearance of heavy goods is taken into account load capacity. The total cost of customs clearance includes: VAT, customs duty, state duty and excise tax.

4. Country manufacturer.

5. The status of the person who imports the car from abroad.

Separately it should be said about motor transport registered in the TC to 1.10. 2010 and after 01.07.2011. For such transport of the TC of the Customs Union, the rules have been defined, according to which such cars at the intersection of the customs posts of the Russian Federation are not subject to any taxes or fees.

If you do not want to clear the customs documents yourself, you can use the help of a customs broker. The services of such a specialist will have to pay 10-15 thousand in 2017. rub

Also, to the article of expenditure should be added the amount spent on a trip for the car and for his delivery to the country.

Before you go abroad for a car, you need to “throw” money for a deposit for a deposit. This will be a guarantee of solvency and, in the case of customs clearance, a person importing a car will have no difficulty paying for customs.
What documents will be needed for customs clearance at the crossing of the state border of the Russian Federation
In 2017, during the crossing of the border, it will be necessary to show:

– vehicle documents;

– receipt, certificate, which should be received after payment of the customs “deposit”;

– the customs declaration;

– auto insurance.

Only the customs officers will be convinced that everything is in order with the papers, the car will be put on the transit parking, and its owner in the time established by the rules will need to put it in the customs office.
Russia in the WTO – what changes in the customs clearance of vehicles imported from abroad?
22.08.2011 р. Р.Ф. entered the WTO. The question is asked: what was changed after the customs registration of brands of foreign cars after this and whether customs clearance became cheaper? Customs duties on cars actually fell, and these amendments would seem to have been effective since August of the same year. However, a month later, a recycling fee was imposed, covering the low rates on state duty, and the cost of customs clearance, in fact, did not become less.

Perhaps the state thus tries to protect the domestic manufacturer and tries to force foreign autoconcerts to start the construction of automobile factories in Russia. But what we have, we have – to carry today much more profitable only only 3-5 year-old small cars or electric cars. Those who are determined to buy a new and expensive foreign car with a powerful engine from abroad, will have to pay, both for a customs duty and for a waste collection. It may happen that the state fees will be lowered once, but now there is no such thing.

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