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Ribbon cable and its difference from towing
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How to dispose of old or abandoned cars?

Let’s trash, let’s try to get the benefit

If not in each, but the second precisely in the courtyard of each metropolis, motorists have to face a shortage of parking lots. The perpetrators of such a deficit are not to a small extent also the old abandoned kolymagi. So, in order to somehow solve the problem with parking lots, it will be more correct to dispose of old cars. In addition, now from this you can still make a profit.
What is the meaning of recycling?
In addition, abandoned cars occupy a lot of space, they also cause great harm to the environment:

– oil from the engines of old cars;

– unused fuel;

– chemical compounds from destructive AKB;

– corrosion on the body.

After all this “economy” is washed away by rain and sprawl on the territory, the ecology is inflicted a lot of damage. But in 2010, such a state of affairs was under state control, which led to the creation of a program for the recycling of vehicles. If before that the owner of the old car received a small amount of money for the delivery of TS in a scrap metal that barely covered his expenses for car delivery to the point, then from now on for utilization of the old car give a good discount for the purchase of another car.
utilization of cars
What needs to be done to get a discount on recycling for the purchase of a new vehicle
At first, you need to find a dealer who is involved in the recycling program. Then it is necessary to remove the car from the account in the MREO and deliver it to the dealer, who will give the car owner a discount and he will take care of utilization. But if you give yourself a car, then the discount will be bigger. The car owner must then receive a certificate stating that the car has been disposed of.

Everything, now you can start choosing and buying a brand new car with a discount.

Next, let’s move on to the numbers. Paying for utilization will take 3 thousand. rub The upper limit for discounts on a car – 50 thousand rubles, and cargo – 350 thousand
What are the conditions for the program of recycling of TC?
Any vehicle is accepted for utilization. It is important that such a car is used by its owner for more than half a year. The car must necessarily be removed from the account and it has not been dismantled.

In 2010, when the program was just beginning to work, the terms of disposal were somewhat different. The owner of the car had to own it for at least a year, and she should not have been over 10 years of age.

Documents that are required for recycling:

– PTS with a note from the State Inspection on the removal of the car from registration due to recycling (copy).

– the act of putting vehicles in junk.

Since no recycling is performed without documents, then they can be restored if they have disappeared.
As in any other endeavor, there was no difficulty here:

– in reality 50 thousand there are no discounts, because it is from this amount that the tax and the cost of utilization are taken;

– some dealers drop less, since there is no recycling in a particular region, but to bring them to the neighboring bill;

– The dark side of recycling is the dishonesty of some dealers. These “dealers” are engaged in resale of recycled vehicles abroad, on this wishing to be enriched;

– Many have already had to face scammers, who promised fast money for the car, and they sold them quickly and disappeared;

– for the given car the motorist receives only the certificate for the discount, and the cash speech does not go;

– to dispose of a junk can only one car, for the second one will be transport paid as a scrap.

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