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Fine for unreadable numbers in 2017: What threatens a ride with dirty, damned, invisible registration plate numbers

The main trouble of warning each motorist is punishment for dirty numbers. This kind of problem is especially relevant in the spring, winter and autumn, so that exactly at these times of the year the dirt that has accumulated on the road is on the license plates of the car. If the windshield wipers handle, then the registration marks of such assistants and the owner of the car itself has to watch them.

The point is that if the police lock does not recognize the dirty car number, then the driver is facing a fine.

Therefore, in order to avoid punishing badly readable or unreadable numbers in 2017, it is recommended to adhere to a number of simple rules that will not require a lot of time from the motorist and will allow you to get rid of fines:

Before somewhere to go it is necessary to get lazy, to go around your car and see if everything with its appearance is in order. If the license plates appear dirty, they should be cleaned well.

Important !!! Do not rub the numbers with a dry cloth, because dry sand or drenched dirt is an abrasive that can erase paint numbers or scratch them at all. Matter must be wetted. So the mud will get better and the coating will not scratch. If all by accident all the same the license plate is scratched, then it will have to be replaced.
Readable or unreadable registration plates
The registration number of the vehicle must be well-readable, even at distances of 20 meters, at night and in the day, the signs reflected on it should be clearly visible. However, there are also secondary rules.

First you need to give examples of those numbers which, although they are readable, but can easily be considered a violation:

– Room-coated room number is readable due to the game of light shades, but in fact it is not readable by the camera of video fixation;

– the number is a little dunk-covered and the dirt closes one or more digits, although visually it is due to the convexity of reading and it is possible.

– In the daytime, numbers are unreadable, if from a 20 meter distance it is impossible to recognize at least one character on it.

– at night the numbers are not readable if at least one of the characters of the back registration number can not be considered at the same distance.

To the driver for a note !!! At night, only the number located at the back of the car is checked, the front one, stained with dirt, is not taken into account. So, dear motorists, remember this, so that you can not be fined for nothing.
unreadable registration plates
Punishment for a dirty registration plate
As of 2017, the penalty for an unreadable number assumes a fine of 500 rubles. But the driver may also be given a verbal warning indicating that they are wiped off if they are not very dirty.

The Law on Unlisted License plates in 2017 stipulates that a motorist shall be fined in the day if in the front or rear number it is not possible to count at least one of the numbers or letters. If the dirt was clinging only to the white background and this does not prevent reading the characters, then, consequently, there is no violation.

To the driver for a note !!! If the car is dirty and the numbers are not visible at all, then the inspector of the DLS is obliged to finisher such a motorist for 500 rubles. Sometimes there are such echoes of “dpsniki”, which convince the car owner that very dirty license plates are equivalent to their absence, and urgently require that the driver paid a fine, otherwise threatened with a deprivation of driving license for up to 3 months. So, dear motorists remember, such actions of employees of traffic police are not legal, because the law deprivation of the driver of rights is not provided!
dirty registration plate
How to be, if the car is stopped for an unreadable number
Driving a vehicle with an unreadable license plate in 2017 involves an administrative fine of 500 rubles or the driver receives a warning.

If the car is stopped for dirty numbers, then there is no need to argue with the inspector, to rude and nervous. If the violation is not fixed to the video camera fixing, it is best to wipe the numbers as quickly as possible. The number after that will become readable, and the “dpsnik” will not be able to issue a fine. But if the protocol is compiled without evidence, then there are 2 ways to “ruin” the event.

1. It should be reminded to the inspector of the DPS of Art. 2.9 CoA, which states:

“If an administrative violation is insignificant, the person who committed it may be warned orally.”

If “dpsnik” is conscientious and the driver does not enter into conflict with him, everything should end peacefully. Otherwise the driver may be helped by another option.

2. Take photos of the net registration numbers, the DPS post and the inspector himself. The photo itself should be attached to the protocol and comment: “The inspector of traffic police stopped due to dirty numbers allegedly unreadable. The actions of such a DPS employee (specify specific data) are considered wrong as the number is readable, which is confirmed by photographs that were made after the car was stopped. Since there is no violation, please do not acknowledge the violation

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