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How to be if the car is damaged in the road pit?

What to do and what to do if a vehicle has suffered from a negligent attitude to its work by road services? Years are coming, but there have not been any dramatic changes in the quality of road surface, as, by the way, the number of victims has not dried up.
Do not be afraid to uphold your legitimate rights
Our roads, as a rule, are repaired by the old favorite “jumbo” way. As a result, after such a patch of patches quite quickly fly off. A well-laid motorway does not need to be repaired for about 10 years. It makes the impression that road repairs are very and very beneficial for patrols. Although, as a rule, the real reason is still the elementary shortage of money and resources for capital reconstruction of roads.

Motorists, having got in the next “trap”, are forced to make a replacement on the road, in the middle of a stream of cars passing through, a broken ball bearing, torn into a shred cover or a half-turning lever of a suspension bracket. If the car got damaged in the road pit, then the owner of the car has the right to claim compensation for road users, because in the event of trouble, he risked not only his car, but a stranger and his life.
What to do?
Here is how it is advisable to act on an accident suffered by a motorist due to the poor condition of the roadway:

1. To call into the place of traffic accident traffic police.

2. Follow the fact that the inspector has correctly and thoroughly drawn up the report of the incident: the document should display the testimony of eyewitnesses, indicate the existing damage on the road, external damage to the affected vehicle, the absence of warning barriers and signs, as well as the scheme of the accident itself. Everyone who was at the moment of the accident was sitting in the car itself – potential witnesses. So, you do not need to listen to the inspectors, if they will say the opposite. The extent to which their testimony is true will then be judged by the court. The work of the dpsnik in this situation is only to draw up a protocol, draw up a diagram, remove measurements and question witnesses.

3. An injured motorist must be issued with a certificate stating that he is a road accident participant.

4. According to the expropriated documentation of an accident, the driver should be issued with the decision that the TS is sent for examination. The motorist must find out which department has a specific road section and cause a representative of the organization to be brought to the scene.

If you wish, you can write a letter with a pre-trial claim and send it to the road company, setting out the claim itself and suggest voluntarily reimbursing the damage received.

Further, it is desirable, with the help of a lawyer, to file a lawsuit.

In short, it’s enough to condemn bloodlessly because of neglecting the duties of road users. Everyone is responsible for the harm done to others and for his actions to answer.

Who to sue, if the perpetrator of the accident is not the owner of the car? The cause of the road accident is not the owner of the TC, who compensates for the damage?
The owner of the car is not always the cause of the road accident. If this happens, then who should submit to the court? It is uniquely difficult to answer…


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