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Ribbon cable and its difference from towing

It is not uncommon for motorists to get stuck on their car in the impenetrable mud. Often, in such a situation, they have to use the help of other motorists, or, more specifically, to ask them a jerk cable. Since such ropes and slings are not like tugboats, it makes sense to figure out what their differences are: jerk cables can both squeeze and stretch with great force. What, I must say, is not only good but also bad. With this cable, you can pull a car out of a deep pit, but if it is used without proper training, then it will be a great deal for it.
Rybka rope
The dynamic cable in the process of stretching accumulates the energy reaching at some point to a very critical state and then sharply shrinks. In this, just, and the whole complexity of its use lies. If, as a matter of fact, it is necessary to determine the moment of compression and to stop the towing vehicle in a timely manner, the vehicle which has got in ambush will be released. Theoretically, everything seems to be simple, but without practice, it’s all right to make it harder. Some are in a hurry to slow down or are lagging behind. If the car brakes ahead of time, then the forces that accumulate during the stretching period will not be quite sufficient. But it happens, and vice versa. If the jerk cable is stretched very much, the first car pulls back. But if it stretches too sharply, then the jerk will be so powerful that even the tow eye can break off.

To get the car out of captivity, the dynamic cable should be used correctly. At first, the salvaged car should be rocked, with a little twitching jerk cable. In the center of the sling, it is recommended to hang a load as a rig. If everything is done correctly, it’s easy to remove a stuck vehicle from the mud.

You can use a jerk cable instead of a towing machine, if nothing else is handy at hand. Although this will not be easy. The material from which the dynamic cables are made is rubbed about the hard coating. It is important that during the use of the jerk cable does not sag. To do this, you need to monitor the coupling and strongly brake. Do not be afraid of sharp jerks, because such a cable is stretched. Dynamic ropes are usually long, about 6 meters in length. The length of such a cable strongly affects the overclocking of the “lifeguard”. And a stuck car will not be able to catch the car that saves it.
Rybka rope

Towing rope
Such a cable – a very necessary device if the car was broken, in an accident, or if the car just somewhere stuck and not able to ride independently. However, not always such a cable gives a decent rating, but it is reliable and safe when towing.

When it is selected, its length and tensile strength must be taken into account.

The length of the cable for towing is very important, because it depends on the maneuverability of the car and does not allow to collide with the car that tow. The cable, along the length, should be optimal.

The load on it should not be too large, because it can be damaged or even torn due to overvoltage.

Steel ropes made of synthetic or textile are used in the manufacture of tow ropes. To hook such a car, it is equipped with hooks.

The cable is attached to the eardrum. But if there are no hooks and no hoops, then the towing is fixed to the body parts. The same rope should be fastened diagonally. On the car that tow behind, on the right side, and on the one that is towed – from the front to the left. This method allows you to prevent jerks at the onset of movement.
Towing rope

The movement must begin smoothly.

It is important to carry out some of the TDDs when towing a vehicle:

1. If the car does not operate the steering wheel, and it transports itself, then such a car can not be towed.

2. It is forbidden to tow two or more cars.

3. It is impossible to tow an automobile with non-operating brakes.

4. It’s strictly impossible to tow the motorcycle without a wheelchair.

5. It is not recommended to tow along a slippery road on a flexible coupling.
The towing cable from the dynamic is characterized by the following indicators:

– The rope cable stretches, but there is no towing.

– First you can pull the car out of dirt, and the second to tow only a broken car.

– cables, of course, can not be used for purpose, but it is fraught with some difficulties.

– The towing ropes must have a medium size, and the dynamic ones must necessarily be long.

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