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Do I need to pass a vehicle inspection on a new car?

It is not uncommon for motorists to ask whether it is necessary to go to a new car, because without the insurance policy OSAGO without a diagnostic card can not get. Yes, and riding without auto insurance is fraught with problems, and if, God forbid, there will be an accident, then the car owner will have to repair the car on its own funds. Just for this reason, drivers are interested in how to get the insurance associated with the technical inspection of the car. When buying a new car, the person burdens himself with additional problems, registration of car insurance and passing of MOT.
Need a vehicle inspection?
Since 2012 it is not required to pass it. By law, it is not necessary to pass a vehicle inspection, provided that, if they are not older than 3 years, such categories of vehicles as:

– Motor transport;

– “Legkowski”;

– Trucks up to 3.5 t.

Proceeding from the above, when purchasing a new car, when receiving a diagnostic card, it is not necessary to apply to the car-care center. But it must be borne in mind that when purchasing TC, time is counted from the date of its release, and not the purchase.

If the car is released in 2015, then the diagnostic card is valid until 2018. The lack of maintenance needs is due to the dealer’s service, which includes the maintenance of a car. All modern automakers give a guarantee for three years. It is during this period that the car is freed from inspections. This allowed the points to reduce queues.
diagnostic vehicle inspection karket
However, how about being an auto insurance? After all, in the list of documents when registering an auto insurance OSAGO necessarily must have a diagnostic card, which is not older than six months. It is not necessary for new cars, because it is believed that a car is under 3 years of age in good working condition.
Insurance OSAGO
Voluntary vehicle inspection
By and large, TO is done for the sake of ensuring DD safety. So, it is recommended that even new TC be diagnosed at least once a year. This will allow to identify and eliminate all possible malfunctions in time and, of course, increase safety.

This procedure, as a rule, is carried out at scheduled maintenance, and therefore voluntary diagnostics of the car does not make sense, if for some reason it is not possible to visit the dealer’s car-care center.
vehicle inspection
And what if the payment is denied?
Insurers are not asking for a diagnostic card at the time of registration of the insurance policy of the OSAGO. But quite often, precisely because of her absence, there were many failures in payments. Such a trick gives insurance companies the ability to reduce their financial burden.

The point here is that the list of documents required for insurance does not include the requirement to provide a diagnostic card, because the owners of new cars do not have such a document. If the application is not accepted, it must be sent by mail. In the five-day period from the moment of its receipt, the insurance company must accept it.

The next case of failure is the absence of a DK. In this case, the car owner can sue without paying a fee. Such cases are generally considered to be “consumer rights protection”.
In conclusion
Over the last few years, in the laws on compulsory MOT and civil servants, a bunch of changes has taken place. That’s why not all motorists know if a vehicle needs a vehicle inspection. The answer can be found in the traffic code, it is clearly stated there that “technical inspection of the car for the first three years can not be produced.”

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