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Security systems for top-class cars

The question of safety of a vehicle should be resolved radically, and it is desirable to begin its implementation immediately at the time of purchase, otherwise it may happen that there will be nothing on the morrow and guarding it. You can spend the night all the way in a new car, you can ask someone to look after it, you can erect a tall pilch with a “fusion” of barbed wire around her. Yes – all this is possible – but alas, it is too troublesome. The only correct decision is to entrust the car to protect itself.
New technologies
For budget cars there are enough and inexpensive car alarms: immobilizers, programmable trinkets, two-level sensors or dynamic codes. But the expensive model of the usual alarm system is not desirable, here you need a more perfect security system. The “Higher League” contains all the functions of cheaper car alarms, to which are added high-tech solutions. Of course, the cost of a system with higher technology will exceed the cost of a car with a run.

If the car owner has acquired a new Mercedes or an auto class above, he must understand that such “drives” are very attractive to the hijackers. And not just a yard bunching machine for riding a ride, but high-class professionals with excellent technical knowledge.

So, that’s why the security system should be professional and worthy of resisting the virtuosos from the criminal world.
Absolute protection as such does not exist
Whatever system was perfect, but if a competent hijacker bit on her, that sooner or later he would overcome her. Anyone, even if the carrot alarm system is just a barrier, the task of which is not to prevent theft, and delay as long as possible the enemy.

“Signal” should only signal the attempt and hold on for a while until the kidnapper is neutralized. Expensive “car alarms” differ from cheaper and less time-saving vehicles allowing the car owner to stop the kidnapper’s actions. Therefore, leaving an expensive car in some kind of locomotive for a long period of time is not desirable, even if the price of the security complex is much higher than the cost of the vehicle itself.

But the classes are very different among themselves. So in order to hack the cheap signaling, it is enough for a “specialist” to pair or three minutes. The systems of the higher class, sometimes, the professional hijacker, stand up for several hours! So, “feel, gentlemen, difference and think.
What kind of signaling can be considered high class?
So what’s the point of high-quality car alarms? No, not only the cost. Even if the keychain of a simple security system is golden, the high cost of its qualities will not improve. It is clear that the main difference is in technology, or rather in a completely different alert system. The old sound of the siren here is designed only to accidentally passing by people.

The main work of this security system is very quiet and completely imperceptible.
Car security systems

Its main task is to send a signal to the owner in a timely manner, wherever he is, so that the hijacker is not suspected of this. As long as the latter tries to disable the “signal”, the security system informs the owner of it on the pager or on the cell phone. Some systems are capable of turning on the beacon so that the GPS senses a stolen car.

In theory, the kidnapper should not guess that he is under the “cap” in the car hijacked by him. Therefore, hanging on a car sticker with the type of car alarm should not be. It may be and frighten any amateur, but the specialist will only add a passion.

Some high-end security systems are equipped with a camouflaged camera car in the cabin of the car on the computer’s owner’s computer through the Internet. But the cost of such a device is not for everyone in the pocket, but therefore it is better not to mention it.

In order for the “main forces” to reach the place of hijacking, the “signal” will not allow the attacker to “bite”, and it will be all about preventing him from starting a car. For this purpose, the security system has a set of different immobilizers. The more complicated the vehicle is, the more capable it can resist the hijacker.

For example, an automatic transmission with automatic control can be locked in the “Parking” position, preventing even the vehicle from being towed, and the BCs are completely disconnected, not giving the opportunity to start the engine, but also to enable automotive optics. The electric locks on the bonnet will not allow the hijacker to turn off the siren and lock the doors securely, and the parking brake will be activated by the electric drive.
Additional protection against theft
Criminal elements are not simpletons. Some people, in order not to bother about the technical “genius”, prefer to “squeeze” the car directly from its owner, while taking along the wanted keychain car alarm. However, some tricks are also provided here. The first is immobilizers. This device is similar to a credit card, it is a block

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