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HBO registration: what documents are needed in 2017?

Almost every year legislation and updated rules are implemented. Consequently, every owner of the car must know about them. One of such innovations just is the design of the HBO. If before this registration equipment for operation of transport on gas was carried out without any specific changes in the technical passport for motor vehicles, then in 2017, in order to obtain the necessary documents for this equipment, an examination and a bunch of references are necessary.
The basic requirements for registration gas-balloon installation in 2017
2015 This year the TP EAEC 041/2017 began work. This Regulation addresses the urgent issues of the safety of the operation of motor vehicles. In clause 8 of the annex 9 clearly reflects all important rules for registration of vehicles subject to re-equipment.
Sequence of actions
Every owner of the car who has decided to equip his car with a gasoline engineer should familiarize himself with the list of documents that will be required to legitimize the gasoline equipment, and find out where to make the documents on the HBO.

It is very important to know about this before the gas plant is purchased in order to determine its financial capabilities in advance. And the installation and design of the HBO system is documented in several stages:

– receipt of the certificate;

– expert opinion that on a concrete model of a car it is technically possible to install a gas plant.
Is it necessary to issue documents for the installation of HBO for a car in the traffic police?
Yes, this is precisely the next stage. Waiting for an opinion from the STO, the owner of the TC after the permission of the traffic police installs the equipment.

As soon as the equipment is installed on the STO, the car owner receives a certificate which confirms that the gasoline system is safe and installed in full compliance with the requirements. Next, you must register in the traffic police all the changes that occurred in the car after installation.
List of documents
It should be noted that according to the updated rules, when installing the HBO, all constructive changes must be made in the vehicle’s technical passport, so that the registry of the required documents has increased significantly.
What documents for gas equipment are required to register a motor vehicle in 2017?
The HBO in the GPSDD in 2017 should be as follows:

– car technical inspection voucher or diagnostic card;

– conclusions of examination;

– car owner’s passport;

– Certificate of registration of vehicles;

– technical passport for a car;

– a document on the eligibility of ownership of the TC;

– application for obtaining a certificate;

– certificates with the form number 2a – number 2b, which are issued to the owner of the car after the gas-balloon equipment is installed;

– photocopies (copies) of certificates;

– a receipt to confirm payment of the state duty.
In what sequence should documents be completed?
The design of gas-balloon installation in the traffic police is a very tedious procedure. Since what specific documents are required for the installation of gas-balloon installation in 2017, we already know, then each stage should be considered separately.
How can I get an expert opinion?
It is the technical examination of a vehicle for the installation of a gas device – an important point in modernizing the fuel system of the car. It is after her that the HBO can be installed on legal grounds. In order to obtain an expert opinion, you will need to find a service station that has a certificate for connection and further maintenance of this type of equipment. So, before installing a gas plant on a car in 2017, it is necessary to prepare it for preliminary examination.

At the service station, they will inspect the car and give an opinion, it is safe for operation on the gas. Then the owner will be issued a statement, which he will have to show in the traffic police.
Statement to the State Automobile Inspection on constructive changes in the car
In order to get the “good” in the traffic police for the installation of the HBO in 2017, it should be there, filling out the application form, inform about the change in the design of the car. The owner of the car must have:

– conclusions of technical expertise;

– car technical passport;

– passport;

– power of attorney, if authorized by a representative.
Installation of HBO
After obtaining permission from the traffic police for the re-equipment of a car, it is possible to start the installation of gas equipment. In order to avoid problems, it is desirable to apply only to certified centers, where after the completion of the work it is possible to learn all required for the subsequent registration of the paper.

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