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The fine for transferring a car control to a person without driver’s rights in 2017

Often, tired, drunk or sick car drivers ask someone and sit in a car, while not having absolutely or with their rights, to sit behind the wheel. They do not even guess, or do not understand, what for them such a decision threatens to turn around. Below, you will be told what the transmission of the steering wheel to a person who in fact does not have the right to get behind the wheel without a driver’s license, and what development of events is possible here is fraught.

Take note! All traffic rules indicated in this article and codes of the CoA – operate in the Russian Federation in 2017. They can eventually be abolished, and therefore in the future it should be checked how relevant they are.
What is the reason why an outsider is being transferred to a vehicle?
Paragraph 2.7 of the Traffic Code states that an unauthorized person is allowed to operate a vehicle only when it is trained in driving. In other cases, the driver is not entitled, to get behind the wheel, the car is not entitled.

Let’s consider the most common situations in which car owners transfer control of their vehicles to another person:

– the child is driving. Some parents are sure that they themselves will better teach their child to drive a car. They believe that they themselves run no worse than a professional instructor, and this is a great opportunity to save some money on driving in an auto school. What, maybe they are right, but one should not forget about one small nuance: the transmission of the helm carries two penalties: one for the illegal transmission of the helm, the second for a violation committed by a minor driver, because the whole responsibility for the violation committed by him It lies exactly on the parents. Yes, and start learning with a traffic violation – comic.
Admission of a T Category M
Who may not know, but a scooter or moped for several years has been banned from driving without rights. So, if parents do not want to “shred” their family budget unplanned, it is better to save money and health of their offspring and take him to a driving school, or even better, to refuse to buy such an expensive and dangerous “toy”.
Amount of fine and exclusion
Well okay, with violations, as it were, everything is clear, then let’s talk about punishment. Immediately, it should be stipulated, when transferring control of the machine to a person who has not taken with him or has not at all a driver’s license, both are penalized: drivers and the owner of the car. You can find out more about the consequences for the driver in the CoA of Russia. Let’s stop only on the fines that threaten the owner. In fact, two are used: for the transmission of a wheel of a car to a person deprived of the right to drive a car in 2017 (as well as to a person who did not have them revived) 30,000 rubles (clause 3, item 12.7 of the Administrative Code of the RF). If the car’s control is transferred to a person who does not have any documents with him, then there is a fine of three thousand. rubles (clause 3, article 12.3 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation).

But there is still a couple of situations when the car owner has the opportunity not to get a fine for trusting a vehicle for a person who does not have the right:

if he did not know that the person to whom the steering wheel was transferred was deprived of his rights;

if he sat behind the wheel of the car without the owner’s knowledge.

Every motorist knows that the process of obtaining a driver’s license is long. So, staying without them can be fast. Therefore, in order not to tempt the “fate-villain”, it is not important, brother, uncle, spouse or close friend before transferring control over his “swallow” to another, it is better not to hesitate and ask if there is this ill-fated crust at you. Such precaution will avoid the owner of the car possible problems, and his wallet will not lose weight.

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