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Who are the emergency commissars and whose interests they are protecting?

An accident is a stress for everyone who has fallen into it. Such a condition does not allow people to give an objective assessment of the incident, for a person who is morally suppressed is under external pressure. It is possible, of course, to say that we are going to observe all the actions of the inspector of the DPS, but, unfortunately, it turns out to be far from everyone.
General information
All that the victims are asking at the moment is to complete all formalities as quickly as possible. After all the experience they have one dream, go home soon.

After a while, the victim will regret that some very important documents inspector of the traffic police did wrong in his opinion, and if he was more careful, then such a mistake would not have happened.

But what has been done is done, time is completely and irrevocably lost. This circumstance threatens the victim not only with the loss of payments under the insurance case, but also can make him the perpetrator of the accident.

Experts are sure that, in 70% of cases, those who were injured in road accident insurers, hardly answered the questions about the accident and because of fuzzy and unconvincing answers, insurance payments were lost.

But after all the insured driver, besides answering questions, should:

– to trace the correctness of the scheme of the accident and the inspection of the car received the damage;

– to take necessary actions for evacuation of the damaged car;

– fill out a form application to your insurance company;

– receive a certificate of an accident in the traffic police, which must be provided to the policyholder for compensation of damage.

Only one who can understand the nuances of registration of such documents can do this – it is an emergency commissioner.
Emergency commissars – who is it?
The main duties of such specialists is to render various assistance to people who have fallen into a road accident.

He records at the scene of the car accident damage, carries out his surface assessment, records the consequences of the accident, and identifies the reasons for which the victim must obtain insurance indemnity.

Yes, of course, it should be. However, in reality, emergency commissioners work for insurers and they, as a rule, represent their interests. As insurance companies “feed” them, they, of course, send them to the scene of the accident.

But it is worthwhile to mark all the quarrels with one “brand”, for not all of them are full-time employees of the insurer. Among them there are many specialists who act legally not only in relation to the insured, but also to the insured, who suffered as a result of the accident.

Emergency commissars, if desired, can be any. To do this, you should go through a special course of study, learn some skills in jurisprudence, in the insurance business and, of course, have a good knowledge of SDA.
After the emergency specialist arrives at the scene of an accident, he must carefully inspect everything, call, if necessary, an ambulance to the victim, fix the details of the road accident in the photo, interview the witnesses of the accident and record the contact details of the latter.

The Emergency Commissioner is then obligated to estimate the approximate damage, to call, if there is a need, an evacuation service, and to start drawing up all the necessary documents.
What is an emergency certificate?
After a visual inspection of a road accident site, the commissioner shall draw up a certificate, which shall include:

– the scheme of the incident itself;

– conclusions of the emergency room;

– photo evidence from the scene of the accident;

– all information on the participants in the road accident, both the perpetrator and the victim.

It is precisely on such documents that the insurer will be based on making its decision on payment of compensation on the insurance case or refusal.

In addition, the same documents can be easily used by the insured person or the insurer in court if the victim in a road accident will want to claim insurance compensation through the court.

But there are several important advantages of the presence of an emergency commissioner during an accident:

1. At the scene of the accident, he arrives before the police officers and he has a good opportunity before the arrival to inspect the place of the road accident, will make a detailed description of the accident and draw up a scheme.

2. Emergency commissars talk themselves with inspectors to DPS staff themselves.

3. Subsequently, the emergency specialist may represent the interests of the victim’s insurer in court if, of course, he was summoned by the insured himself, and he is not a “vassal” of the insurance company.

If, in the event of an accident, signs of fraud were detected, then it is necessary to invite the accident victim, because he often has to deal with such cases and he clearly responds to similar situations.

Typically, the “eagle” swindlers have learned that an accident commissioner will be present at the time of the accident, trying to finish the business with the world.
Emergency commissar is good, but you do not need to hurt yourself
No matter how hard it was for a person who was injured in an accident, it is not necessary to hope for what literally everything for him will make “good uncle”. But one should not interfere, but all follow his actions nevertheless

Electric car - the pros and cons. Advantages and disadvantages of the car on electricity.
Whether we like it or not, but an electric car is the inevitable future of our automotive industry. Many world manufacturers of transport invest a lot of money in their…


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