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Where can and where it is impossible to wash a car under the Federal Law in 2017?

A neat and well-kept vehicle is a kind of business card. In addition to striving for order and purity, a clean car emphasizes its refinement and status. Every car owner wants his car to be attractive and looks good. With all this in the law of our country in 2017 there is no definition of a dirty car, and consequently, the inspector of the DLS s not have a carowner doe.

It is for this reason that the cleaning and car wash is usually aesthetic and has protective properties. On the one hand, the well-groomed vehicle is pleasant to the sight of people around, and on the other hand, all the dirt from the car body prevents rust and rapid destruction of the coating. But many motorists today are worried: “Where to wash your car?”, “How to save on car washing, while not breaking the law?”, “How not to be fined for car washing in the yard?”. This, perhaps, should be understood.
Where can I not wash the TC on FZ?

In any subject of Russia it is strictly forbidden to wash vehicles where such actions can be considered as causing damage to the environment and its integrity. In addition, it is forbidden to wash any automotive equipment near rivers, lakes, water intake stations and protected areas in the entire territory of the country, because the rests of petroleum products and aggressive auto chemistry, when accompanied with dirty water in the soil or water, hurt the fertile soil layer, falls into the city sewer and causes significant damage not only to nature itself, but also, of course, to the health of people.

The administrative liability and sanctions in the form of fines foreseen for such violations in each region of Russia in 2017 are the same.

In addition, municipal acts specifically reflect additional places where cars can not be washed: alleys, playgrounds for children, sports grounds, residential areas and near water intake structures.
And where can you wash a car?

It is possible to clean the dirt and wash the car on a private plot. But still, here it is necessary to adhere to specific rules: since people are also living next to them, then it is necessary to plant the ridge next to the neighboring plot.

When washing the car, there should be a drainage drain near, and the filtration system must be installed on the spot where the car is being washed.

But if there is no such system on this site, then the car owner may have trouble with others.

The water that was washed by the car should not penetrate into the gutter, as it will have a detrimental effect on the environment.
And what is the fine for washing a car in a prohibited place?

The amount of the fine in 2017 depends on where the motorist washes the car. The qualification of the violation is also very influential on the size of the fine.

If the motorist is washing his motor transport in the environmental zone, then, of course, it is harmful to the environment. In this case, his policeman may be fined in the amount of 500-1000 rubles. But in some cases, the size of the fine imposed on the offender can be 40 thousand. rub

Particularly regarded are the points of non-compliance with regional legislation. If the motorist will wash his car in a specially unpredictable pouring place, he will have to lay 5 thousand rub

Today there is no liability for car accidents. The DPS inspector can only penalize the driver for dirty registration numbers, and if they are unreadable. The size of the fine for such a violation will be 5 hundred rubles. But to avoid such a punishment is very simple, the motorist will only need to wipe the numbers, while not proceeding to the washing of the car itself. In order to avoid complications with the law, it is better to find time and drive your vehicle to a car wash.

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