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Are there any CASCO payments to the perpetrator of an accident in 2017?

Everyone happens on the road today and no driver can give 100% guarantee that he will not be the culprit of any accident. In such a case, the question itself asks how to compensate for the damage caused by an accident?

Fortunately, the problem is solved, and the CASCO insurance, which in 2017 applies both to the party affected in the accident and the very culprit, will help to resolve it.
How can a guilty party get insurance?
What should be known to motorists about CASCO payments
The first thing to do is read the insurance contract carefully. In the event that the driver who has become the culprit of the accident has a CASCO policy, then you must necessarily know in which cases the insurance may be denied. One such case involves driving a vehicle in a state of intoxication.

However, in the payment may be denied and for other important reasons precisely which led to an accident: excess speed, travel to the traffic signal forbidding traffic, etc.

But if there are any contradictions or doubtful points in the insurance contract, it will still be better at first to seek advice from a lawyer who will recommend how to behave and how to behave in this or that situation.
How to act if an accident happened?
The cause of a road accident with CASCO in 2017 is to adhere to the following rules:

1. In no case do not leave any accident place and immediately prompt a DPS employee and a representative of the insurer company to the place of accident. If, as a result of an accident, there are victims, then they should be given first aid before the arrival of doctors.

Even before the arrival of traffic police inspectors, it will not be superfluous to shoot the environment on the photo or camcorder, because the cause of the accident may well be a bad road, weather or some other conditions. Photographs and video evidence gathered on the spot in the aftermath can have a positive effect on the amount of insurance indemnity.

2. It is imperative to check that all materials relating to this incident are properly completed. This assistance can be provided by a lawyer who should be called on a road accident site and where he personally checks how well the documents are properly executed.

3. The contact with the injured party should not be ignored; in contrast, they should try to assist in the resolution after the emergency.
payment by CASCO to the perpetrator of an accident
In what form is it possible to receive insurance payments?
In comparison with OSAGO, payments by CASCO in 2017 have 2 types:

1. Insurance is reimbursed by money;

2. Instead of monetary compensation, the car is being repaired.

Both the first and second paragraphs must necessarily be reflected in the insurance contract.

If the timing of compensation for damage is not met, the insured person may, through the court, demand, in addition to compensation and compensation for moral damage.
And if the insurer does not want to pay for CASCO?
Many people know that today’s insurance is not easy to get, and even more so if the client of the insurance company is the culprit of the road accident itself. But still, one should not despair, because there is a loophole in such a situation, for which the “poor” can all try to defend their civil rights.

The first thing he should do is to inform the insurer in a written statement about the insurance case with the application of all available documents: a copy of the contract, a certificate of accident and evidence, if of course, they are – it is a photo or video.

In the event that the insurance company will reimburse and, most likely, it will be, the insurance company will refuse and it will be paid, but not in full, the same time there to send a claim.

In case of CASCO in 2017, the deadline for reviewing the law is not defined. So, the applicant must indicate his due date.

If the insurance claim is not answered, then it will be necessary to write a statement of claim, which can be filed both in the office of the company-insurer, and at the place of registration of the perpetrator of the accident.

It should be noted that the damage itself can be claimed in the claim, and fine sanctions may be required in the lawsuit, which are reflected in the legislation and in the norms regulating the rights of consumers.

It is very important that all documents related to the insurance case and copies of all correspondence with the insurer be attached to the claim statement: a claim for compensation, a claim and all possible answers from the insurance company.
What are the advantages of an avtourist service?
It is important to understand that car insurance is mandatory, such as OSAGO policy and voluntary, such as CASCO in 2017. Therefore, in the latter case, insurance can be literally from all troubles, from which no car owner is insured.

That is why it is very important that in the process of signing an agreement with the insurer there was a lawyer who, if necessary, will make some adjustments in the insurance document.

In addition, the specialist will advise, will be paid insurance compensation to the culprit road accident or not. And if paid, then in how

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