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Sale of cars under the contract of sale purchase without withdrawal from registration in 2017

Buying and selling cars with a run is a very and very widespread phenomenon today, even despite the fact that a lot of formalities are connected with such a process, and the questions themselves are more than answers. One of the toughest moments in 2017 is the sale of a vehicle without withdrawal. If we take into account that the legislative base changes very quickly and very quickly, then it will not be difficult to understand how this process will look and what will have to be envisaged so as not to violate the law.
About the law
After the rules of registration of cars were changed in April 2011, it became possible to sell them without removing c accounts in 2017. Also, with all this it was possible to leave and their old registration numbers. But the nuance here is that both the vehicle purchaser and the seller must reside in the same city or region. The changes introduced to some extent not only simplified the process of buying / selling the vehicle, but both allow them to save their time.

Sale of a car in 2017 without withdrawal from registration is probable if the following requirements are met:

– the contract of purchase / sale of the TC must be correctly drawn up in 3 copies: the first one leaves the seller y; the second one has bought the car; and the third one must be transferred upon registration of the car to the MREO. At the same time, it is not necessary to apply to the notary, because such a document can be written arbitrarily by hand. It is only important that the written document bears the information about the car and the personal data of the buyer with the seller.

Such a document must necessarily be affixed with the signatures of the fixing transactions of persons with indication of the date. The document should not contain typos or any corrections and it should be compiled correctly.

– Only the seller will receive money for the car sold, he must place his personal signature in the PTS. The new owner of the vehicle must sign in the window “real owner”.

– Then the buyer of the car receives all the documents on it. But the insurance of OSAGO new owner of the car will have to make a new one.

At the time of registration of the documents to the old owner of the car, if the car sold is less than 3 years old, it is necessary to agree somehow with the new owner, so that he, after placing his name on the record and indicating in the PTS, has photocopied this document and handed the photocopy to him. In the future, this photocopy may be useful in reporting before the tax. But if the car is older than the specified age, then this can not be done.

B ten days after the purchase of a vehicle without withdrawal in 2017, who bought a car must re-register the car. If he does not, then he will be fined for having violated the registration procedure of the TC.
Sale of cars under the contract of sale purchase without withdrawal from accounting
And what is wrong?
The minus of such a sale of a car is that the buyer can take time and for a long time not to put the purchased transport on the account. If a car purchasing a person turns out to be an unscrupulous driver, then the name of the former owner will be penalties.

If this happens, it will be necessary to provide a purchase / sale agreement in the MREO, and, after filing the relevant application, request the cancellation of the registration.

The risk of such a way of buying a car is also that before the purchase of a car it is not possible to check whether this car is arrested or is being hijacked. Therefore, experts recommend to buy a car without removing the account in 2017 only after checking for purity.
Why do they sell unregistered cars in 2017?
Such sale by the first owner is conditioned by the following:

– the vehicle is taken out on credit, and its owner has difficulties with the money and he is no longer able to pay car loans;

– the owner suddenly discovered that the car purchased by him – “cut” or “survived” a very serious accident;

– the model of such a car did not meet the expectations of its owner;

– the owner decided to buy a new model;

– expenses for maintenance of a car have grown, which strikes very much in a pocket;

– the warranty period expired;

– The owner of the car decided to give his car to someone;

– urgent money was required.

In general, the circumstances that compel a vehicle to be sold are divided into 3 groups:

– the past life of the car;

– any circumstances;

– the whim of the owner of the car.

It is necessary to consider that the conversation can go not only about sale of a car with a mileage, but also just bought in the dealer’s salon. In addition, the car purchased from the first owner is not always with the mileage, or she could be in the garage for a long time after the purchase. The owner, however, did not want to register it.
Sale of cars under the contract of sale of sale
A few owners
This situation looks a bit different. This is usually a resale of the TC without registration from auto repossession, which did not lose its relevance in 2017. The schemes of the sale of repurchased cars are different and it depends not on the buyer’s car, but on the seller

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