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TOP-10 of the most “dangerous” chambers and radars of traffic police for drivers

Motorists with experience often nostalgize at those times when drivers were warning each other about ferocious principles by flashing headlights. Today it is necessary to recall this only, since the strict inspectors of the traffic police have now replaced innovative technologies such as photo cameras and video fixations, and about which, in fact, they warn, because of their invisibility, there is absolutely no one, and it is useless. About that, in what place they stand – the motorist has only to guess, and sometimes the radar detector may turn out to be a bad assistant. Below, the article will list the most “harmful” from the point of view of motorists, cameras of video-fixation.

video camcorder Azimuth

Such a unique complex can simultaneously fix 6 violations of the DD rules:

– wrong parking;

– ignoring signals of traffic signal;

– the stop of the stop line;

– passage of the intersection, followed by turn left / right, in the place where it is prohibited;

– Disrespect of people at the pedestrian crossing

– violation of speed mode.

Such a system as “Azimuth” easily recognizes the plague from a distance of five kilometers, and at the same time it does not matter at all, a smooth section of the road or winding.

video recording video of Odyssey

The purpose of the “Odyssey” system is to automatically capture traffic violations on the video and camera and monitor traffic crossing the control zone:

– to record violations of road rules;

– determine the speed of the motor transport.

Although the potential of the photo-video fixation system is wide, but, as a rule, only one function is used: to determine a car with an unassembled belt of the driver, a car’s drive to red light or speeding.

radar LISD

The LISD radar captures the short laser pulses reflected from the object.

It has the following advantages:

– its narrow direction of the beam makes it possible to allocate the necessary motor vehicle in the general flow;

– measure its speed;

– identify the offender;

– Take a photo from the 200 meter distance of the room;

– and it is not influenced by the weather.

By appearance, such a device resembles binoculars.

radar robot

You can see such a radar on the pillars. The high-sensitivity 11 megapixel camera easily recognizes the license plates of the car and the driver’s face sitting at a distance of 1000 meters. The camera is able to fix the wrong parking, departure to the meeting and driving under the forbidden signal of the traffic light.

The design feature of this instrument is that it sees the driveway in two “eyes”. Such complexes are very common and work very successfully.

video camera fixture

This is a unique auto-control for parking and other violations of road rules. The basis of this technology is a video module that is installed in a police car and a station for processing the received video image.

The purpose of the park is to reveal:

– violated parking rules;

– stop or park on the road where there is no parking;

– parking on the sidewalk;

– prohibited parking;

– stop on “zebra”;

– parking on a stop, lawns, children’s and sports grounds.

Video Fixture Camera Cordon

This device differs from its predecessors – high accuracy of fixation. Information received by the Cord is sent by wireless channels to the Computing Center, where the information received is analyzed. Such a radar complex is capable of simultaneously keeping under observation four traffic lanes.

Here are his main features:

– autogeneration of 2 images;

– automatic control over speeding and departure to the meeting;

– fixing violations with subsequent transfer to the computer center;

– full compliance of a certain speed mode of each car in the control zone;

– Availability of GPS / GLONASS;

– remote setting.

Camera-radar Arrow

This modern complex is equipped with video recording camera and it is capable of tracking violations up to 1 km. It should be noted that this device tracks not any particular car, but the entire stream of moving on the road of vehicles.

mobile radar chris

The task of this photo-radar complex is to lock in the automatic mode of traffic violations. In addition, the device is able to read car numbers and track them on databases.

The transmission of information to the stations of the DPS is carried out both by telephone and by GSM and through the radio channel. The data transmitted by the sensor is very securely guarded by the built-in security system.

camera radar Avtouragan

The task of such a stationary system of auto-video control is to record traffic violations, and carry out searches. This complex determines the speed of the vehicle by video frames.

Owned by “Autourang” with the following characteristics:

– reading of numbers in daytime up to 97%;

– Recognition of dirty or damaged registration numbers;

– carries out control over road traffic;

– this complex can not “see” radar detectors;

– fixes except for speeding and other violations;

carries out

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