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Is it worth insuring a car only from hijacking?

Not very nice when car is hijacked, but, unfortunately, from this perspective no car owner is 100% insured. Even if the car has perfect anti-theft systems installed, they will not be able to hinder the hijacker. The decisive factor for the latter will be the time it will need to overcome the security system. But apart from installing on a vehicle alarm system, the car should still be insured from theft or by CASCO from damage.
Vehicle insurance against theft
If a motorist has sufficient driving experience and he often uses a car, then he has two types of insurance available. The first is CASCO before the first insurance case, in which the owner of the car will pay even when hijacked, and if the car has received an “injury” or even “died” at all.

The second method is insurance against hijacking. In this case, the car owner will be saving, because the probability of damage is excluded, and the rate for theft will be about 4 percent of the cost of the car.

The car hijacked must be younger than 10 years of age. Such insurance is available to organizations and individuals. Moreover, when calculating the tariff from theft, the age and experience of drivers are not taken into account in the calculation. When entering into an insurance contract against theft, a pre-insurance inspection of the vehicle must be carried out.

Many car insurance companies do not need to increase protection if they are not, of course, a risk group.
car hijacking

Payment for theft is carried out within thirty calendar days, counting from the day on which the insurance organization received the documents and an additional agreement was signed on the mutual relations of both parties in the event that the stolen insured car will be found. For the period of the contract, the rates of depreciation of a car are working:

For one-year cars – the norm is 20 percent;

For 1 month – 3, for 2 – 2, for 3 and more months – 1.5 percent for each subsequent month.

If the age of the TC from one to two years is 15 percent, for each subsequent month, 1 percent.

For cars over 3 years – 12 percent, for each subsequent month 1 percent.

On the day of signing the contract, the number of years during which the vehicle was operated shall be determined. In order to calculate the wear for the period of the insurance contract, the full month is taken incomplete.

When hijacking a car it is necessary to act as follows:

If the car owner finds out that his insured car is stolen, then the first thing he has to do is to report the hijacking to the police station in whose area he was responsible.

If the vehicle is equipped with a search engine, then it should be activated immediately. Within a day, the owner of the car must notify by written application or by fax that the insured vehicle has been stolen.

In the 3-day period (minus holidays and weekends), the owner of the car must, in the prescribed form, notify the Insurer in writing, and state in detail everything that is known about the circumstances of theft.

In order to consider the material about the insurance case, the owner of the TC must provide the insurance company with the following documents:

– insurance contract;

– PTS, registration certificate and power of attorney, if any;

documents such as: sentences, decrees, certificates, copies received in court, the ATS and the prosecutor’s office, in which it should be indicated when theft was done, from where and under what circumstances;

– if the hijackers are known, then indicate their data and addresses;

– indicate which article is a qualified offense; robbery, robbery or theft;

– all keys from the insured car.

But the insurer has the right to free his client from the provision of some of the listed documents.
In which case may be denied insurance
If the car is expensive, and it has already been stolen by itself. Not rarely, insurers refuse antitrust insurance offer motorists a full range of other insurance services.
In what cases the policyholder does not want to pay
This can happen if the documents on the car remained in the stolen car and if there is no other set of keys. But, if the insured person has lost the second set before hijacking, he must notify the insurer of the incident. But if they were stolen to steal a car, then the insurance company will acknowledge this negligence and refuse to pay.

This, of course, one can try to challenge in court, but in order not to lead to a refusal, it is better to write a statement about the theft to the police.
Other reasons
Often, insurers motivate their refusals to be something quite and very exotic. That car was driven out of the place where the insurance contract was executed, something else. This, in essence, is a violation and any court recognizes this motivation as unlawful.

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