How much does the car cost in 2017?
Undoubtedly, those who had to go to the automotive sites of America or Japan, had the pleasure of seeing very interesting prices for cars. There is absolutely no reason for…

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Is it always profitable to register a car to a child?
According to statistics traffic police, most often the perpetrators of road traffic accidents are motorists who control the vehicles registered on a child. Why does this happen? Most likely, the…

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Terms of placing the car on the account in traffic police after purchase in 2017: how not to late and can they delay the registration of cars?
Buying a vehicle makes the life of a motorist comfortable and raises his self-esteem. Such an event for a happy owner of a car, although joyful, but still a little…

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How is it right and profitable to extend car insurance in 2017

Usually insurance for CASCO and OSAGO is signed for a year. After this period, the contract is required to be renewed for the same period. If the client called the employee of the insurer company and offered to prolong the term of the insurance contract, immediately, not thoughtfully, it is not necessary to agree. At first, it is necessary to find out what insurance conditions are working today, and whether there is any difference in them in comparison with last year’s. It is necessary to find out what the cost of insurance has increased, its amount has increased or vice versa has decreased. It can easily be that insurance has raised the prices.

It is necessary to calculate the number of accidents in which we had to visit and determine whether they often had to be their culprit. This is very important when reinserting the insurance contract, since the presence or, conversely, the absence of insurance events will be determined by the calculation of new insurance, which may be increased or, on the contrary, reduced.

To properly extend the insurance contract of KASKO and OSAGO, it is advisable to adhere to the following recommendations:
Extension of the contract

It is important that the insurance contract is not interrupted, it must be prolonged immediately, as soon as the period of the previous operation expires. There are such insurers who make a break for up to 1 month. But many insurance companies for the continuity of insurance services, seducing their clients with various kinds of benefits. In case of delay, on the contrary, the breakevency of the client will not be taken into account. Nevertheless, the negative dynamics will never be forgotten.
Discounts for “loyalty”

If the last year was without insurance payments, and the client from the insurer did not receive compensation at risk, then after prolonging the following year, he can be granted a discount for breakeven. At the very least, it is precisely what many insurance institutions do.

– CASCO – 5-10 per cent;

– OSAGO – 5 percent and in general 50 percent for 10 years.

Some CASCO insurance companies consider those who have been in an accident to be unprofitable but have been recognized as victims. In many companies, there is a practice of providing customers who have passed from competitors, discounts for breakeven.

But if the client received compensation in the past year, then the insurer will charge him a surcharge, which is charged in several ways. It makes sense to consider this question in more detail. CASCO supplement is directly related to the number of insurance cases. However, it does not affect the amount of compensation in any way. Here is an example: – the first payment – 30 percent; – two – 60 percent; – Three and more – more than 100 percent to the original tariff of the insurance contract. Insurers in this situation are encouraged to reduce the number of applications from their clients with the intention of obtaining a small amount of compensation. So the clients who often fall into road accidents are cleaned up. But the damage is insignificant, then the tightening does not occur.

Under the OSAGO policy, allowances ranging from 55 percent to 2.45 times. But it all depends on how much the client has paid. Insurance premiums of CASCO are determined by the total amount of payments made, and their amount is not taken into account: – the amount of payments for the first two insurance payments – 10-20 percent; – 3-4 – 40-50 percent; 5 and above – 80-100. Insurance payment is a specific amount of money that the insured must pay to the insurance company for the service provided.

Thus, they “straighten out” with insurers requiring reimbursement of large payments. But to those clients who ask for insignificant amount for damages, insurers are indulgent.
The cost of a vehicle

The cost of CASCO for the following year depends largely on the cost of the car for the time of conclusion of the contract, since the amount of payment can be determined by payment of insurance in proportion to the real price of the car. In the process of charging, the technical condition of the vehicle, mileage and market value of similar vehicles shall be taken into account.

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