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Useful gadgets and gadgets for inspection, diagnostics and checking of a car before purchase
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How to repair car thresholds?

The design of the car is complicated. This definition is primarily due to many elements, the way of operation, the quality of the road surface and the style of riding. All this also affects the wear of its elements, which should be regularly changed regardless of time and factors. About when it’s time to change this or that detail, you can learn from the technical passport on the car. The threshold is just the element of the body, which is subject to rapid wear.

But the threshold of the vehicle spoils not only the rust, but also the vibration that is transmitted from the car body. It is not difficult to fix the defect of the threshold – it only needs to be corrected and extended. If rust is strongly absorbed into the metal, the areas that have received the damage will need to be replaced.

Before proceeding to repair the threshold, it is necessary to find out whether it can be removed or not removable. The second ones are thresholds that are welded to the body. As for the removable thresholds of the car, they are fastened with bolts in the cabin. Below you will be told about the repair of both types of thresholds. Of course, the non-removable threshold to repair is more complicated, but if there is a garage and a great desire, then it is possible.
Removable thresholds repair
It is not difficult to repair such a kind of threshold for a motorist himself. As already mentioned above, such thresholds are mounted on bolts. If there is any damage, it will be enough to just unscrew the screws and remove the threshold, because in this way it will be much easier to repair it.

If it turns out that the car’s threshold has eaten rye, then it’s better to change it. But before doing this, the new threshold should be treated with anti-corrosive material. It is possible, of course, to buy a stainless steel threshold, but it is a pleasure for those who do not regret the money.
removable car doors
Weld a non-removable threshold
Such a threshold is an integral part of the body element. For this reason, the strategy for its repair is different. Not a very significant defect can be attempted to eliminate from the outside. Small dents can be eliminated as follows: at the very threshold, drill a small hole and straighten the problem area with a simple “suction cup”.

But if the car owner is able to handle the welding machine, then you can weld a steel patch on the damaged site.

If the threshold turns out to be severely damaged, then the business will have to let the Bulgarian. This tool will have to make cutouts near the middle rack or at the door. Once the cutout is done, it will be necessary to apply the patch and weld. But before that, it must be treated with anti-corrosive material.

From the description it is clear that the implementation of self-repair thresholds is not difficult. However, sometimes damage is also overcome on the rack. Here, as lucky, the worker can be even more: to correct defects will have to be synchronized. The lengthier car and the middle rack will have to be cut in front of the roof. It is important for the worker not to lose sight of the spar in the repair process, because he must have access to it, so that, if necessary, to correct the tool. Since the places of welding will be slag and grains from metal, then all this “economy” will need to be removed.

When carrying out this kind of work, it will be necessary to remove the car doors and armchairs, both front and rear. Those threshold places, which will have deep dents, torn elements, through holes or “torn” parts of the metal, is better to replace. Here you can also put a patch on the inside.
Welding the threshold
Anticorrosion treatment thresholds after repair
In order for the threshold to last as long as possible, it is better to drive the car to the service station, there will be a quality anti-rust treatment. You can, of course, do all this yourself, but the cost of impregnation and mastics for single use is very large and not for every motorist in his pocket.
Anticorrosive processing of thresholds

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