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How to fill out a car declaration in 2017?

Sold the car, is it necessary to file a declaration in 2017?

Such a situation is interesting to many, because if you do not file the necessary documents in time or not at all, then in the future there is a risk of getting into big problems. That is why when selling something you have to file a tax return at the place of registration or residence. But not always there is a need. The declaration after the implementation of the car has many nuances.
What to do when selling a car? When should the tax declaration and taxes be lodged in 2017, and when not?

If you have been in possession of transport for more than 3 years, then you do not have to hand over the income tax return. If the car is less than this age, then the declaration must be submitted obligatory until April 30th. If the car owner by this time does not give it, but it will be fined.

If the motorist owned a car for no more than 3 years and sold it for the amount less than 250 thousand. rub, then it is given a deduction and the amount to pay the tax will be zero. But to make a declaration, in any case to hand over it is necessary.

But when the cost of buying a car sold is higher than 250 thousand. RUR, then in this case, of course, the declaration of sale of the car after the transaction is submitted, although with a slight deviation: there is an opportunity to minimize the seller’s income by the amount of expenses and thus reduce the taxes that must be paid for the transaction.

In order to implement such an idea, it will be necessary to find documents that would be able to confirm the expenses: a contract of purchase / sale transaction.

The proceeds from the sale of motor transport can be reduced only by deduction, in the absence of confirmatory securities for expenses on the TC. In general, everything is clear here. A declaration of sale of a vehicle in any case must be filed. And the only exception here is one – cars owned by the owner for more than three years. It does not mean that then you will need to pay a tax, however, you will need to report about the transaction in any case.

If the profit from sales exceeded 250,000, then two options should be considered here: whether the supporting documents for the purchase and sale of this vehicle were preserved or not preserved.
car declaration 2017
To the declaration of 2017 it is necessary to attach the following documents:
– PTS;

– a contract for the purchase of a car (checks, receipts);

– contract for sale (checks, receipts);

– passport and INN.

When completing the declaration, use the declaration program. It can be downloaded directly from the tax website. To do this, you will need to go to the site of the FTS, open a page, choose a software tool, choose the windows declaration, a physical person. Then you have to select a year and download the installer.

After the program opens, you have to select the personal income tax, the inspection number (the first 2 digits indicate the region). Next we choose the correction number, indicate the numbers (if the first time is zero), which once the declaration is given out. Then the identity of the one who is giving up is confirmed: it can be both the owner of the car and his representative.

The information on the declarant is indicated by the full name, the INN, the home address. Next it is necessary to indicate the income received from the sale of the car. The source of payment is opened and it is indicated to whom the car was sold: it can be a physical person, an organization. If the car is sold to an organization, then it is necessary to indicate its name, INN, PPC, OKATO and the contract of sale / purchase. If the car is sold to a physical person, then this data need not be filled.
How does a tax deduction work?
The amount is deducted from the proceeds from the sale of the car, and what remains will be taxed at 13%.

Here is an example: the car bought for 250,000 sold for 290000. rubles. If you take into account the tax deduction, then you have to pay 5 thousand 200 rubles Saving, I must say, is not bad, because otherwise it would have been necessary to pay 37 thousand. 700 rubles For a car for 250 thousand rub or even cheaper, you can not pay the tax at all. However, if you already had to use a tax deduction, if, of course, you can not prove the lack of profit, you will have to pay the full amount of the tax from the sold car.
Tax deduction in the declaration on the car
Where to file a declaration in 2017?
You can send it by registered mail with notification or through your personal account on the tax service page.
If the car is satisfied with the owner, then you can ride on it until it reaches 3 years of age.

But if selling a car will be unbearable, then legal methods of avoiding tax can come to the aid:

– in the process of filling the declaration will have to prove that there is no profit from the contracts of purchase / sale;

– filling in the declaration and property deduction up to 250,000 rubles.

If the car is less than three years old then it is imperative to file a declaration of income from the sale of the car until April 30, 2017.

If it was not possible to avoid paying a tax on the sale of a car, then 13 percent from the sale of a vehicle must necessarily pay until July 15 next year.

If the timing is violated, then the motorist is about

How to insert another driver in OSAGO insurance?
[caption id="attachment_32" align="alignleft" width="240"] How to insert another driver in OSAGO insurance?[/caption] By law, after the purchase of motor vehicles, every motorist must acquire the insurance policy of the OSAGO.…


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