How to buy beautiful numbers for your car? Beautiful state registration marks for a car.
Demand for beautiful car registration plate numbers exists everywhere, and abroad it is possible to buy them absolutely legal. The cost of "blatnykh" numbers, as a rule, is measured by…

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What is a car cut? Cutting machines - what is it, where they come from, how much they cost and where to buy.
The acquisition of a vehicle - for many motorists is an important and unforgettable event. With a lot of money in their dream and wanting to get a beautiful car,…

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Terms of placing the car on the account in traffic police after purchase in 2017: how not to late and can they delay the registration of cars?
Buying a vehicle makes the life of a motorist comfortable and raises his self-esteem. Such an event for a happy owner of a car, although joyful, but still a little…

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Sweat glasses in the car – the main reasons and what to do?

Sinking glasses in a car is a very serious problem, because the driver’s visibility degrades, comfort and safety are reduced. Even if the motorist watches for the vehicle as a matter of fact, washing the windows does not always help to prevent them from fogging. Here is a list of reasons and opportunities to combat such a problem.
For what reason the glasses in the car sweat
1. Temperature difference in the interior of the car and outside the window

With the interaction of warm and damp air with cold windows, a condensate forms on the automobile glasses.

How to get rid of condensate If the car does not have climate control, then you need to turn on the deflector and send a hot air jet to the windows. Just a few seconds the glass will sweep away. It takes more time to reset the back windows.

In a car equipped with climate control, as a rule, there is an option that excludes the possibility of fogging glasses. Although, I must say, it often does not function.

Also, such a problem can be solved, if you create in the interior of the car a temperature similar to the outside. Although, it must be said, this is not always possible, because hardly anyone wants to go to the frost with a turned off stove.

2. Higher humidity in the car interior

High humidity can also help to mist windows in the car’s interior. This can happen due to wet rug or raw upholstery. The fact is that when the heater starts to work, moisture evaporates from the armchairs, upholstery and other elements. The air in the car interior is saturated with moisture.

This kind of trouble can be solved only by drying the car interior.

For prevention purposes, the following recommendations should be followed. Before you get into the car, you need to shake off and treat the windows on the windows with anti-deicing agents.

3. “Alkasham” in the car is not a place!

Also, the windows are sweating because of the location of the car in the car. They exhale absorbent, perfectly absorbing moisture.

Fighting with such a phenomenon simply – you just need to open the car door or window, and ventilate the interior.

4. Dirty Cabin Filter

Its clogging also often results in fogging windows in the car. Air in the cabin stops giving in and there are not very pleasant smells.

In this case, the output is one – replace the filter.
For what reason the glasses in the car sweat
Here are folk ways that can be protected from fogging glasses in the car
1. Not bad can cope with the problem of rubbing windows with glycerin. The disadvantage of this method is that after glycerol on the glasses there is a glow.

2. It is possible to put an ordinary newspaper under the rug, because the paper absorbs moisture well.

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