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Car repair optics – how is it restored?

When using a vehicle’s headlights and other optical devices on a daily basis, they may be damaged. This happens, as a rule, because of a mini-accident, due to carelessness or inexperience of the motorist himself.

Of course, the damaged items are sold and they can be bought, but taking into account the “bite” prices for such a product, not everyone can afford it. To everything else, sometimes it happens that purchasing optics is not possible, since it is either not on sale or impossible to buy. That is why often motorists have to restore it independently.
How to repair optics in a car?
The headlamp and lantern body is restored by welding, by injection into a damaged section of hot air. Here you will need a hair dryer, supplied by oxygen from the compressor. So the splinters of the case can be fixed in place. If there is not enough fragments, they can easily be made from the remnants of old headlights whose fragments need to be cooked for reliability on both sides.

But before starting to reconstruct the optics, it is necessary to know exactly from what kind of plastic the luminaire body is made – ABS-plastic or polypropylene. Repair ABS plastic can be “cold-welded”. But what up to polypropylene, then it can be “cured” only by welding. It should also be taken into account that if the materials on the composition are incompatible, then the reliability of the joint of parts can not be speech.

If the glass itself is broken on the headlight and it is impossible to change it, then such – a part can also be taken from the “disassembly” or self-made of organic glass.

But before starting to restore the lantern, it is necessary to make an exact copy of the damaged glass from Plexiglas. If there are not enough parts, then these elements can replace the plastic. For this template a form of gypsum mixture is made. To do this, you need to cut the desired piece of translucent organic glass 5-6 mm thick, but for fog lamps and podfarnikov enough and 4-5 mm.
How to repair lights?

How to repair lights?
At the first stage, it is necessary to mark the caliber with a calender figure. From the obtained pattern, it is necessary to transfer it to the plexiglas. If everything is done as needed, the direction of the light flux will be correct.

At the second stage, the matrix of gypsum with plexiglas should be tightly packaged in a thermal package. The resulting envelope should then be heated until the organic flux becomes mild. A softened plexiglass can be represented on any plaster on a plaster on any shape. But this can only be done with the frontal part of the glass. As for the sidewalls, they are made separately, but only then they are glued to the front of the glass.

The chopped chunks of caps and chunks of headlights can be glued with dichloroethane. As soon as all available lesions are glued, the emerging “scars” should be treated with hardener.

Important! It should be very careful about the warmed glue on contact with the skin of the hands can cause burns. And scars and sutures should be removed with a file and sanded fine-grained sandpaper.

The final step involves polishing, which is done by the GOI paste.
repair of the optics of the car – polishing of headlights

Although “homemade” glass lanterns are stronger than standard ones, they also have drawbacks. The glasses of such headlamps quickly mattuvayut and quickly scratched.

If after a stroke of stone on a plexiglass only a crack appears, then the original glass will completely collapse.

By the way, “native” glasses of anti-fog lamps often break down and allow cracks from falling on them snow. Articles made of plastic tend to deform when heated. Organic glass and in this plan is better than glass for lanterns, because it does not have such disadvantages.

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