Electric car - the pros and cons. Advantages and disadvantages of the car on electricity.
Whether we like it or not, but an electric car is the inevitable future of our automotive industry. Many world manufacturers of transport invest a lot of money in their…

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Changes to the Road Traffic Safety Act came into force on July 1, 2017
In the period from 2016-2017, legislative bodies adopted many bills on changes in traffic rules. Some of them have already come into legal force, others became relevant from July 1,…

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Advantages and disadvantages of low-profile rubber

If you have something to say about automotive tires, then perhaps, it will not hurt to give some examples from the history of tire production. For the first time, low-profile wheel tires were developed at the end of the 30-s of the last century at the Michelin French company. But, unfortunately, at that time such a rubber was not received due to the poor quality of the road surface and the high cost of widespread use. The massive production of low-profile tires was debugged after being developed in 1978 by Pirelli from Italy model P6 and P7.
Low profile tires are those that have a height profile matching to a width of at least 80. From high-profile rubber, low-profile tires have high cost and high performance. Today, the latter are inferior to high-profile products for purchasing, as they are put mainly on family sedans, ATVs and crossovers. Low-profile tires are good for vehicles with sporting data.

Low-profile rubber is safe and has a very important advantage, which, in fact, is due to their high demand for tuning.
Pros of low profile tire:
– increased contact spot with road cover. This has a beneficial effect on the manageability of the vehicle. Typically, low profile tires are fitted on sports cars with a powerful power unit;

– high torque on leading automobile wheels at the moment of acceleration;

– good stability of the car in the process of maneuvering. The car is well listening to the steering wheel and is clearly moving along the straight line;

– Significant reduction of the breakaway, and consequently, less probability that an emergency will occur.
The advantages of low profile tires

In addition to the above, the low-profile rubber and the exterior of the car and the wheels themselves give styling and spectacularness.
Low tire sections:
– a small operational resource. But it should be borne in mind that the driving style and the state of the roads are of great importance;

– reduced comfort during the ride. The low profile reduces the amortization between the wheel of the machine and the roadblock. As a result, the suspension suffers, and the discs bear a large load;

– problems with tire mounting. Not every tire fitting workshop is equipped with modern equipment, and the old one does not fit these tires.
Minor tire with low profile
Motorists want to know if the low-profile tires really wear faster than high-profile tires. But it must be taken into account that low profile tires are made from special mixtures that extend their life. So, in their rapid deterioration, the main fault lies in the quality of the road surface and driving style.
Influence of tires on a suspension bracket
This problem is also very much concerned with motorists. If earlier the low-profile rubber was included with the car, then, of course, all body parts and suspension parts were adapted to it. So

problems arise when the vehicle is not designed for large wheels. In this case, low profile rubber is often the reason for the wear of parts of the suspension.
How to choose low-profile tires?
First of all, the diameter of the wheel must be taken into account, because each car has its own index.

If the size is selected incorrectly, problems with the automatic box may occur. Modern TC, which is controlled by various electronics, may “inadequately” perceive new tires. Even due to a slight change in the height of the car, you will have to make adjustments to the headlights.
How to choose low profile tires?

If we give a brief description to low-profile tires, then the following goes: low deformation of such rubber improves the behavior of the machine. However, from here also come the disadvantages of this product.

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