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What options are waiting for us in the cars of the future?

Despite the spectacular design of the conceptcar and their fantastic technology, the ideas provided at the same time as the concepts are sometimes introduced into production versions of vehicles.

When the automaker Nissan introduced its “Resonance” gadget, it already had an option that allowed people sitting in the back to control audio and media. It was assumed that such an opportunity would be embodied in serial models. The above-mentioned concept car was the prototype of the new Nissan Murano model, and in fact, this feature was transferred to a serial car.
The Nissan Resonance is a car whistling

Below is a list of options for cars of the future, which today can somebody seem unrealistic, but capable in the near future to be in each car.

“Conversation” cars between themselves

By the degree to which many machines will have the Internet, they can communicate with it and report traffic on a particular road or on weather conditions.

Communication between vehicles will avoid accidents, allow cars to find each other or recognize the potential danger of an accident. Such an option is already laid out in the abstract image of drone drivers from the Nissan concern.
the car of the future is Mercedes

3D gestures

Based on what was set up in 2015 at the International Las Vegas Electronics Show, it’s safe to say that 3D gestures will be a way of driving a vehicle in the foreseeable future. The touch screens, joysticks and buttons will use the hands of the driver: to wiggle their hands in order to keep the entire car under control. If you need to open / close the window, he will only need to waving his hand to the side to which the car window moves. And in order to answer a call on the mobile phone, just point the touch screen.

Integration of smart watch mechanisms

Integration of smartphones is a recognized practice in many modern machines. The same innovative technologies as “thinking” watches also did not go unnoticed by automobile manufacturers. Take Hyundai as an example. This concern presented the Android Wear app with functions of motor start / stop, blocking / unlocking automotive doors, blinking optics and signaling. In addition, Android Wear will help a motorist find his car. But the steepness is that any commands can be spoken in smart hours.
car of the future


Today some cars are able to park themselves. So, the next point in the development of such technology will be an independent search for a parking space. The key part of such an automobile function will be “communication” of the car through the network of parking. As soon as all passengers leave the car, the car will find a free parking lot. But in order for the car to return to the owner, the latter will have to call her by calling from the smartphone.

The best combination of applications (Apple Call Play and Android Auto)

Vehicles will be sold on sale very soon, the same applications as in the smartphone will be present in the infotainment systems.

So, in order to find out about the new version of the application, the driver will not have to wait for updates for the car and it will be able to receive through the phone internet access.

Lightweight materials

This, of course, is not an automobile option, but lightweight materials will be used in cars of the future. Becoming easier the car becomes more responsive. Since the Ford F-150 aluminum body, it became lighter on 300 hp.

But this is just the beginning. The BMW Concern in the BMW i3 electric car uses carbon fiber. Something similar can be seen in the monocoque from synthetic fiber in the expensive Supercar.

Using phones as a key

Why not refuse a car key at all? Car manufacturers are considering the chances of using a chip and a mobile connection to unlock the car door or start the engine. Car2Go’s Daimler and DriveNow in BMW already use such chips.

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