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But do novice motorists know, what is the difference between the trace of his vehicle and the trail left by the experienced driver's car? Correct, the last vehicle travels directly…

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How to insert another driver in OSAGO insurance?
[caption id="attachment_32" align="alignleft" width="240"] How to insert another driver in OSAGO insurance?[/caption] By law, after the purchase of motor vehicles, every motorist must acquire the insurance policy of the OSAGO.…

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What threatens the journey under the sign "brick" - a fine or imprisonment in 2017?
Experienced motorists are well aware of all the nuances of the CoA. But even those with the necessary knowledge often fall victim to the inspectors of the DPS, who apply…

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Is it always profitable to register a car to a child?

According to statistics traffic police, most often the perpetrators of road traffic accidents are motorists who control the vehicles registered on a child. Why does this happen? Most likely, the root of the cause is buried in the imperfection of the law, which allows “out-of-doors” parents at the expense of children to evade responsibility. But besides this, there are many and those who want to provide their child with a comfortable pastime in the form of a car. In a word, such a question, whether it is possible to register the TC on a child, today is very topical.
And what about the law says?
At first, it will not prevent the study of the nuances of the legislative framework concerning this issue. It is common knowledge that only a person who has attained the age of 18 years can be allowed to drive a car. But contrary to such a law, some rights in young people are activated by the age of 16 (for example, some at that age are already marrying), but this is not applicable to car driving.

As for the signing of the purchase / sale contracts, there are some features that naturally must be known to parents: while their children are not 14 years old, only their parents or persons who are guardians can arrange a car for an adult who has not reached the age of majority. From the 14 years of age up to the age of 18, a young person can register cars himself, since already he can already take a bank loan from the age of 16.

But still, consent of parents will be required, without it it will not be possible to arrange an auto for a minor. Here you can find out more about the registration of a vehicle in 2017.
Is it possible to register a car for a minor?
The answer is unequivocal, yes – it is possible, and it does not matter at all, how old he is. Here’s where the parents have a great advantage, because the car owner is younger than 18 years of age, according to the law can not be fined. This means that if one of the parents was behind the car and he violated the rules, then it would be possible not to pay. As a result, such a penalty will automatically be charged. But if the “cunning” adult for the violation “brake” employee DPS, then the fine will be issued to the one who at the moment managed the car. Consequently, if it is possible to identify the offender, he will become the respondent and it does not matter at all that the car is listed on his 8-year-old child.

A lot of questions arise about the documents. Since the legal car owner is still a minor, he can not sign anyone in power of attorney. However, this is not a special necessity, because by law the parents are his legal representatives and driving the vehicle of their child they are entitled without special permission.

But if the legal owner of the TC has already reached the age of 18, then he must issue such a permit even to them.

So, if the car has stopped “dpsnik”, and the owner of the car is a child, the parent should have with him:

– rights;

– the passport is issued to the child;

– birth certificate.
How to register a car on a child under the age of majority?
You should contact the Auto Inspection. The registration will take about 5 days, provided that registration of the car will be carried out at the place of registration.

Initially, the traffic police will check the numbers: the frame, the motor and the body. If everything is in order, a form for the application and a receipt for payment of the state fee will be issued. There are two ways to arrange a car: on a purchase / sale transaction or to make a donation.

In the case of a transaction of sale, all the data on the child must be provided, and the parents’ data is indicated in the PTS.

Registration of the TC for a donation also involves drawing up a contract indicating that the car is handed over to the minor as a gift.

On the basis of the gift document, the car becomes the property of the child. After establishing the right to own a car, it will be necessary to insure it, register it and apply to the insurance company with an application for entry in the insurance of numbers.
Necessary documents for registration
In order not to encounter difficulties in registering a car to a minor, attention should be paid to the list of necessary documents. Their list is as follows:

birth certificate;


Application for registration;

Consent of guardians, when the child reaches 14 years of age.

The procedure is simple. However, if the parents decide to sell the car, they will have to take a certificate from the custody. But technically it will be impossible to sell a car, because the minor is not entitled to take the car off the record. And since this can only be done by the owner, then it will have to wait for his majority.

In general, such a gift as a car for the child is a great deal of generosity, but all the same, before it comes, parents should all weigh well in order to guard against possible problems and difficulties.

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