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How to insert another driver in OSAGO insurance?

How to insert another driver in OSAGO insurance?

By law, after the purchase of motor vehicles, every motorist must acquire the insurance policy of the OSAGO.

If someone does not want to do this, then in case of any accident he will have to repair a broken car from his own pocket. Sometimes, once the owner of the car has bought the OSAGO policy, there is a need to add one driver to his insurance.

However, at all, not every motorist knows how to insert into the policy of car insurance another person and whether it is generally allowed to add another person there.
Adding a second driver to auto insurance
The procedure for adding another person to insurance, as a rule, causes resentment among some motorists.

Therefore, in order that each motorist could write another person himself, the following instructions were created by qualified specialists:

1. The owner of the vehicle wishing to insert another person in the insurance must take the OSAGO policy on the vehicle for which the wheel is seated to another driver. The car owner, if he is not the policyholder of such an automobile, is not entitled to insure unauthorized persons.

2. Then you have to visit the nearest office of the insurer firm, which bought the OSAGO policy and insert another driver.

3. The owner of the motor vehicle and the insured need to bring with him in the IC of the person who is expected to contribute to auto insurance OSAGO.

4. The owner of the car must, besides OSAGO insurance, have at his disposal: a passport and documents on the car.

5. Since since 2016, other persons are not entered into auto insurance manually, then you need to go through all instances of the insurer company and get a new policy with another number and date.

After the insured person has a new car insurance OSAGO, the other driver has the right to drive this car.

When you insert another driver in the policy, the motorist must know that the new insurance does not mean a new period of auto insurance.

The validity period of the re-issued OSAGO operates within the framework of the initially determined time.
So is it necessary to bring the second driver into an insurance policy?
This type of question is asked by many car owners when visiting an insurance company.

Sometimes it may happen that while driving with another person a driver may become ill. And who else can trust the car, without fear that the car will be stopped by the inspector of the traffic police? So, the introduction of a second or more person provides a legitimate car ride.

One should not expect that the owner of the car will feel the property soon. It is important to understand that a person who has the right to control it will manage the motor transport.

In order to reflect in the insurance policy of his spouse or any other relative, it will be necessary to provide the insurer company with documents confirming the permission to manage another person by car.

It should be said that more often the second persons in the insurance enter the owners of special vehicles: trucks, manipulators, minivans or heavy trucks.

Since it is usually difficult to choose a regular driver for such a car, the insurer solves the problem very radically: once a month, and sometimes more often, drivers of the OSAGO insurance without experience work are entered into, or individuals who have not worked for a long time in this area.
And how much will you have to pay in order to insure another person?
The cost of entering an additional driver in insurance for a car in all insurance companies is the same.

If the experience of driving a TC with a new driver is not less than the first, then the cost of insurance does not increase.

But in the event that there is more driver than the main driver, additional person will have to pay extra for the addition of the additional person, because this is primarily due to the fact that a driver without a lot of experience has a better chance of getting into an accident.

But if everything is the other way round and the second driver is more experienced than the main one, then the cost of the policy will not change.
To add or not add another driver to the policy?
Often a person arriving to study in a driving school has no own car. The question itself asks: how can he then practice driving?

So, in this case, it depends not only on the trained person, but also on whether he will be able to control the car.

Is it necessary to add to the car policy a person who has recently received driving license?

There are quite a lot of such situations in which the issue of the inclusion of a car owner who does not have a driving license is included in the OSAGO policy.
Situation No. 1 – husband or wife just got a VU
Often the spouse, the owner of the car with a large, and besides, with a non-accidental driving experience, does not want to insert his blessing into insurance, explaining this by the fact that in a few years, when she learn how to drive, it will be more profitable.

And instead of learning to drive around the city, she has to train on the primer, because there is less chance of rushing to the giddy-bearer.

The spouse seems to be in some way right, because he has a 50% discount for the non-emergency driving experience.

And if you put in insurance for a driver’s car without about

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