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List of documents for registration of a car loan in 2017 for a physical, legal entity and IP

What documents are required for a vehicle loan in 2017? Such a question, as a rule, is interesting to those who wish to purchase their own car. As the economic situation in our country is not simple today, there are few who can afford without a bank to buy a car. Car loan can be arranged directly in the dealer salon or enlisted with the support of a financial institution.
Attention: car loan
To arrange a loan for the purchase of a car in 2017 – simply. Countless advertising units on the TV and in car dealers promise an interest-free car loan. However, one does not have to be especially seduced, because in this kind of lending there are many pitfalls. And therefore, to take a loan for a car, you need to prepare yourself as you should.

Initially, you do not have to trust the promotional booklets and hope that this kind of loan will be interest-free. If it is logical to judge, then it is possible to understand: no lending institution will ever be at a loss. So, hoping for a loan without interest is just ridiculous. Often the Finnish institution compensates for the benefits provided by various commissions and additional insurance.

When signing a loan agreement, you just need to read carefully everything, especially what is written in very small letters, for the most tricky conditions are negotiated exactly there.
How to get money?
Credit for car purchase in 2017 can be obtained in several ways. But at the same time, it is very important that the applicant’s income is stable, because it will depend on that, how much the borrower will pay monthly installments in a timely manner. Options for lending may be as follows:

– target loan;

– car loan;

– buying a car in a dealer salon. All that the buyer will have to do is pick a car, the rest will be done by the credit manager: he will choose more favorable terms of credit, and will arrange a loan.

And in the first and second cases, the future owner of the car is looking for a profitable program and creditor. So, in spite of all this, he must be very carefully acquainted with the terms of the loan.
As for the loan in the car dealership, the buyer’s choice here is limited, he will be offered a couple of credit organizations and a couple of credit programs there.

If the client does everything offered, then the lending specialist will apply for an auto loan on line, and if the loan is approved, then the buyer will immediately pick up the car and start paying out the loan from the following month.
For registration of a car loan in a bank
All necessary documents for obtaining a car loan in 2017 should be prepared in advance, so that the process of clearance has passed faster. The list of documents for individuals and people with legal status is different.
list of documents for registration of a car loan in a bank
Physical person
It’s easier for a person to borrow a car loan than a lawyer. The main objective of the private sector is to provide the bank with evidence of its ability to pay the loan.

Important! Ordinary consumer loans are sometimes less beneficial than car loans, since the latter offers a whole range of favorable terms for such purposes.

To make a car loan in 2017, you must submit the following documents in person to:

– passport with registration number;

– application for a car loan;

– When obtaining a loan on a TC, one more document is required: a pension certificate, a VU or a military ticket;

– certificate 2 NDFL;

– a work book;

– contract of purchase / sale of a vehicle;

– details for transferring credit money;

– insurance policy in 3 copies;

– PTS.

These are the basic documents, but additional and additional ones may be required:

– information about additional source of profit;

– information on loans in other banks;

– a copy of the certificate or diploma.

Of course, rarely, but at times the loan can be obtained at a high percentage and completely unprofitable terms in all of two documents: a passport and a certificate of salary.
Person with legal status
In this case, the procedure for obtaining a loan is more difficult, especially if the company does not have an account in the selected financial institution. So, before lending, the account will need to be opened.

List of mandatory documents:

– information confirming the registration of the Company;

– permission to education LLC;

– a license for conducting entrepreneurial activities;

– an extract from the register of legal entities;

– information on the statement of the person with legal status to the account at the tax inspection;

– the charter of the firm;

– orders for the appointment of the general director and chief executive officer;

– personal documents of the general director, the accountant’s gene and founders.

If less than 1 year has passed since the company was founded, the bank may find it unstable and refuse to grant a loan.
Individual entrepreneur
An individual entrepreneur can arrange a car on credit as a private individual or as a person with legal status. It all depends on how much credit conditions are beneficial. For this, the PI must provide the following documents:

– your passport and spouse’s passport;

– VU;

– military ticket (if the borrower is male

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