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Features of carriage of children in the car’s front seat under the Rules of the Road in 2017

The carriage of children’s cars in the front seat according to traffic rules since 2017 will complicate the understanding of children and their parents somewhat. The care of the children, without any doubt, falls on the shoulders of the parents. Sometimes, wishing his kid a good and not wanting to conceal his movements, his adults (his child), unknowingly, are in great danger. The recommended car seats in the car for the carriage of babies do not always deliver the discomfort of the latter. If the child seat is properly selected and installed in a safe place, the baby’s safety will be ensured.
Important points in the traffic regulations

The question of this kind, whether it is possible to transport children in the front seat of a car, in essence, is not empowered. This is not forbidden. Yes, and in the rules of the road there is absolutely nothing to say about it. All that is said is only childish age, height and weight. Babies can safely be placed in front, which, incidentally, is very convenient if there is no adult in the car except for the parent’s driver. Since the child is on the sidelines, then it would be a matter of worrying for the parent during the movement. According to the rules of carriage in a car, children must be securely locked in the chair. Young children can not be fastened with regular belts, because they can inflict injury on the child in the event of collision or during braking. The airbag must be disconnected in the vehicle and the front passenger seat must be pulled back to the correct position. The baby in the car seat should be placed face to face in the car interior.

If all of the above is observed, then the child will be safe, and from the traffic police inspectors there will be no complaints.

The airbag in the car is designed for an adult passenger, and therefore, if an unpleasant situation happens on the road, then, when activated, it can easily injure a toddler sitting on the front passenger car seat. The scumbag, which sits face to face, will be saved from damage to the cervical muscles in an accident. If a strong stroke occurs, the baby will only strongly hold back to the back of the chair. But if he will sit face to face glass, then his head, in inertia, will lean heavily. It is forbidden to carry children in their hands, for a small man with a strong stroke is not really possible.

In 2017, rules for the transport of small passengers on the front seat were further tightened. From now on, they must be transported to the front seat on a special seat. Installing such an armchair is now needed for children under the age of 7. You can also transport children from 7 to 10 years in a booster with ordinary safety belts.
How convenient is the placement of children

Many motorists consider it safer to carry children in the car in the rear seat behind the driver. Knowledgeable people claim that the safest place in the car interior is the center of the seat located behind. As for the seat near the driver – it is the most vulnerable. But this is statistics, although nothing is said about it in the PDD.

Today, the penalty for carriage without an auto seat is 3 thousand. rub The sum of a fine of 5 hundred to 2017 motorists did not scare and they transported their children on their own, referring to the fact that children’s armchairs are very expensive. Now, when such transportation is commensurate with the same money, the owners of cars have no choice and they have to special devices to buy and fix in the car from 2017 to transport their children in the forefront of the traffic regulations. The places for mounting seats for children are not covered by the rules.

It is pointless to try to save on car chairs, boosters or other means for safe transportation of kids. According to the changed situation, their transportation to 12 years is carried out only on special retention devices. The punishment for non-observance of the rules is inevitable.

But not every car can attach a child car seat to the seat located in front. There are two ways to do this. Attach the child seat to the rear seat or rearrange the front.
What kind of car seats are there for children?

There are several types of car seats for the transport of children, everything depends on how much the baby is weighing and what his age is. For those little children, who have not yet completed years, they have come up with a very comfortable car kit, in which the child is lying. But although the cradle can be installed next to the driver, but it’s best to fix it in the back seat. For a crunch, from a year and a half is provided an armchair-cocoon, this is something middle between the cradle and the seat. In a cocoon you can carry children from 9 months. up to four years old. According to the rules, the car seat should be installed by the person in the car salon.

Very comfortable construction at the booster. Such a chair raises the baby’s fragile body to a perfectly safe height.

All the main provisions of the carriage of children are emphasized on the growth of a young passenger, i.e., if by 10 years of its height is already 1.5 m, or about this, then it does not require any special chair for driving in the vehicle. Age, in spite of all this, does not matter.

Children over 12 years old are still of course

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