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Fine for re-depriving driver's license in 2017
On roads of our country employees of the traffic police daily detect many violations of traffic accidents. Sometimes situations arising on the road force motorists to violate the rules, but…

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The size and grounds for imposing a fine for non-observance of the distance in 2017

Failure to observe the required distance in 2017 may result in fines imposed on a driver in certain cases. Although such a traffic violation is considered insignificant, it often leads to tragedy on the road. It is for this reason that motorists should be especially attentive and strictly observe the rules of safe driving. The driver who has violated the distance and thus provoked an accident, the punishment can not be avoided.

It’s not easy to record such a violation as non-observance of the distance, because video fixation cameras can not always react quickly, and, moreover, witnesses of such a violation may not be. But still fines for non-observance of the distance and exceeding of speed mode are accrued.

The SDA contains a section that states that the driver is required to keep such a distance from the front of the traveling vehicle in order to avoid the collision. The car must move at a speed that does not exceed the permissible. In all this, it is very important to take into account the weather, cargo and various kinds of situations on the road. The man driving the car must be adequate and attentive to be always ready to react successfully in case of emergency braking ahead of the traveling vehicle.

Some drivers are not well aware of what the distance should be about. So it should first be determined by the recommended road rules. If, as an example, a passenger car moving at a speed of 60 km per hour, then in this case the distance between cars should be as follows:

– on a dry road – 27 m;

– on the raw asphalt – 39 m;

– on an ice-covered road – 145 m.

Of course, this is an approximation and, in large measure, the driver himself will have to determine the safe distance.

It is worthwhile to consider a situation in which a motorist may be fined for disturbance during an accident. Let’s suppose such, in front of the traveling car suddenly brakes astray, while not announcing the car running behind him with a special signal. If the driver of the second vehicle does not have time to slow down urgently, collisions can not be avoided. If there is no video confirmation and eyewitnesses, then the accident will blame the one who crashed, accusing him of not having met the required distance.

Unfortunately, not always in such cases, witnesses and videoregistrators help. The driver will in any case be accused of violating the SDA. But in this situation, however, much depends on the behavior of the inspector of the DPS, whether he wants to understand the details of the accident and recognizes another driver who has become, in fact, the cause of the collision, his guilt.

To the driver for a note! In the situation that was described above, the car remains behind the guilty party. An exception may be the case if there are “iron” evidence of the fault of another motorist.

But not always the driver may be fined for not complying with the correct distance. The motorist can avoid it if the accident did not happen or there was no additional road marking on which to determine the distance between the cars. Also, a motorist can not be fined if, at the moment of an accident, his car stood on the roadside and did not move.

It is necessary to say that in 2017 the driver may be punished for non-observance of the distance if both vehicles were moving.
Amount of fine

Many car enthusiasts are often interested in what amount of fine is provided for disturbance. Since such a violation is not rude, then the amount, it must be assumed, is not very large.

For the motorist for such violation of the rules of the DD in 2017 will have to put 1 thousand 500 rubles Such a fine is imposed in the event that the motorist was disturbed by a lateral distance, he improperly placed the car on the road and was driving along the road or on the opposing lane.

It is not necessary to think about the deprivation of the driver’s license, because such a violation does not apply such rigid measures of influence.
Disputed points

It may turn out that the fined driver is not at all to blame for what happened. On some vehicles, stop signals are tinted and driving behind the driver did not see their signals. However, the problem here is that even in this case, the driver who left behind will remain guilty. And it does not matter at all that the accident happened because of a violation of the committed front car.

It is possible, of course, that the “dpsnik” demand that he be fined and the second participant in the accident for illegal toning. However, this is the only thing that can reassure him in such a case.

It should also be taken into account that if the second car is outied into studded tires, then the rear vehicle can not be exempted from punishment in the form of a fine. But here you can try to mitigate the punishment if you can prove that the front car was moving on studded tires and there was no special mark on it.

There was also a case that the court shared a fine for drivers for two. But if there was a sign “Sh” on the front car, then the charge is completely meaningless. In the particular case of wines

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