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Transit numbers: cost, expiration date and when they are needed by car in 2017

Transit car numbers – signs issued in traffic police when you buy a vehicle in some other area of ​​our vast country. Usually they are used when driving a car. There are transit numbers in paper and metal. So, which of them the driver will want to put on his car, will depend only on his financial capabilities, because their design itself is a painful, troublesome and very costly process. If a driver purchases a car with a car registration, then he can be fined for late TN.
How much will a motorist have to pay for the registration of TN?
It has already been mentioned above that the design of transit numbers is not cheap. Just recently, they had to put about 1000 rubles for car and about 500 for a lorry, a tractor, etc. Today, the registration of transit signs has risen in price. From now on, for a light car, they now cost 1600 rubles, and for heavy trucks and other equipment 800.

One thing that is connected with such a sudden increase is that nobody can explain it. The temporary numbers themselves should not be hung on the inside of the front glass, because for this “dpsniki” can penalize the driver or completely deprive drivers of their rights. It is better to install TN on regular places, so that in case of inspection, the inspector of the Autoinspection could see them and he had the opportunity to identify them.
What period of time do transit signs work?
Such a question is asked by many motorists who wish to overtake their car from one region of Russia to another. Those who are not willing to pay a road tax at all, prefer not to take them off as cars with transit tax marks are not subject to taxation. In large, the registration of such signs allows the owner of the overtaken car to evade the payment of the road tax and, in fact, responsibility on the roads.

But in 2013, this situation was radically corrected. The law forbade motorists to issue TN and they can only be obtained by way of exception. So now car owners will not be able to “cheat”, and now you can take a road tax from “tricky” drivers.

And this, I must say, is a fair decision, for on the road all drivers have the right to do so alone.
Is it possible to extend the timing action?
Not so long ago this could have been done through the traffic police. Today, such a question is closed. Today nobody can do this. I must say that the penalty for delayed transit signs is increasing. So, if a motorist does not want to spend money, then he must register his car after it has been delivered to a destination from another region of Russia.
Why is it necessary and when is it possible to issue a temporary number?
It should be noted that the process of registration and receipt of TK practically did not change, for IPs and persons with legal status the rules almost did not change, except to assume that the period of transit registration plates was increased to 10 calendar days.

This change will increase the opportunity for the machine to be registered at a different location without the receipt of temporary numbers. In another case, transit marks are placed at the sale of a vehicle, when its former owner does not want to part with their numbers, and on the car being sold it is made temporary numbers. Riding with them can be no more than 10 days, for IP and legal entities. For private individuals, for such a period of time, transit marks are not issued, and after the purchase of a car can ride 10 days without any numbers.
And how much will you have to pay if transit marks are overdue?
The law, in 2015, determined new penalties for delayed time numbers. Henceforth, the car owner for such a violation may be fined in the amount of 5 to 9 hundred rubles. But if the offense is committed by a motorist repeatedly, then he will have to pay already 5 thousand rubles.

In addition, if a driver’s violation has been committed repeatedly, then he is threatened with a deprivation of driving license for a period of two to five months. It should be noted that the transit signs from the paper are very torn. So, if a car with torn numbers is stopped by a “dpsnyk”, the owner of the car will certainly be fined.

Therefore, if the motorist received paper time numbers, then he should close them with a film, this will save the numbers from fast wear.
And what if the temporary transit signs are lost?
Yes, it’s a problem. But still, for its solution there are several proven methods. The first one – the motorist should contact the traffic police, there he will be given new numbers, but it will cost more than the initial registration. The driver for such a service will have to put 2500-3000 rubles. The second method is not quite legal, but its plus is that the driver will pay less at that, and they will be made faster. Companies engaged in the manufacture of license plates for such services take about 1,7 thousand to 2 thousand. rubles.

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