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What threatens the journey under the sign “brick” – a fine or imprisonment in 2017?

Experienced motorists are well aware of all the nuances of the CoA. But even those with the necessary knowledge often fall victim to the inspectors of the DPS, who apply a bunch of efforts to punish the driver even for a seemingly minor offense. However, if we take into account some of the subtleties (they will be discussed below), the punishment can be somewhat softened, surprising the “guilty party” with its legal literacy.

The main purpose of the road sign “brick” – the regulation of traffic, which motor transport: the entrance / departure from parking, gas stations, etc. But each of these places has peculiar nuances that can significantly mitigate the size of the fine. Then you can find out about the existing loopholes that can withstand the arguments of the road inspector of the traffic police.
From the words we turn to the cause
Below, different types of travel penalties under the sign “travel is prohibited” will be considered:

1. The road sign stands at the entrance to the road. Typically, a fare in such a place is allowed only for a route taxi on a dedicated lane. But if there is a violation, the guilty will be fined at the amount of 1 thousand. 500 rubles

2. “Brick” stands at the entrance to the nearby territory. Arrival in this direction is prohibited. In a particular case, the driver may get rid of a warning or be subject to a fine of 500 rubles. Such punishment for such a violation is reflected in Part 1 of Article 12.16 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation.

3. A very strict violation is the travel under the sign “motor transport is prohibited” on the road with the opposite direction. A motorist for such a violation is threatened by a five-thousand-year fine or the deprivation of the aircraft for 4-6 months. The repeated offense may extend this period to 12 months. If the violation is fixed by the cameras of video fixation installed on a particular section of the road, then the motorist will be fined in the amount of 5000 thousand. rub

4. On January 1, 2017, an updated rule became applicable, according to which payment of fines may be made in the amount of 50% of the assigned amount for 20 calendar days from the moment the protocol was issued. But if the motorist does not pay a fine imposed on him in due time and will allow his delay, then on the 21st day he will have to pay the full amount of the penalty.
How to impose a fine or what is the purpose of punishment
The Road Inspection Officer concludes that there is a violation and a fine imposed on the driver. In the event that a motorist feels that he may be deprived of his rights, he must be sure to make sure that the document has been drawn up correctly.

The driver must understand how far his actions are unlawful, before agreeing with the violation that he attributes to him.

It is important to remember the following:

– If motorway traffic on the motorway is one-way, then in its completely opposite direction there should be road signs 5.5 and 5.6, the purpose of which is to indicate the beginning / end of one-way traffic.

– If the car goes to the road from the adjoining territory, it is very important that the names there are signs pointing to a one-way lane;

– road sign “brick” must stand before entering the road with one road strip;

– all signs should be placed to the right of the road not less than one hundred meters apart.

After the fine has been issued, it’s too early to check yourself on the items described above. If it turns out that the sign has covered the foliage, then this is a powerful argument to mitigate the punishment or the perfect opportunity and at all do away with verbal warning.
And what to do if the driver does not want to agree with the DPS employee
In this case, the motorist has the right to appeal the court imposed on him.

If the inspector of the traffic police department intends to tighten the liability even more, then in the protocol drawn up by him it should be written “With the decision of the inspector I do not agree, and sign 3.1, I did not see it because it was interrupted by the leaves.”
If nevertheless the driver has broken the traffic police and drove under the “brick”, then to him, most importantly, one should not panic. We need to rationally argue our arguments to the inspector of the DPS and try to prove to him his innocence, especially since the cover what a sign can help a motorist to justify. But the motorist must remember that if they are violated the requirements of the sign “travel is prohibited” which is installed where the movement is not one-way, then it can not be punished.

It is important to know that there are always nuances that can help to mitigate or even avoid punishment. “Dpsniki” often use illiteracy of drivers, treating in their favor and accusing the motorist of the violation.

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