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Are the rights required on the trailer? In which cases do you need special rights to drive with a trailer?

A trailer for a car today is the most popular attribute for any car. Such an automobile accessory is very successfully used by both gardeners and farmers as it is very practical and perfectly convenient. On this device, you can transport various items of utensils without spending money on the services of carriers.

Many motorists want to know: do you need a motorist right to a caravan? Driving a vehicle with a trailer is allowed if the car owner has a category “B” in the driver’s license. However, all this requires that the driver comply with all the important requirements reflected in the traffic regulations.
How to use an auto trailer?
Trailers can be of four types:

О1 – passenger car trailer with a weight not exceeding 750 kg .;

O2 – a trailer, also a passenger car, having a weight of 0.75 tons – 3, 5 tons;

O3 – trailer with a mass of 10,000 kg .;

О4 – a trailer having a weight of 10 tons.

There are such motorists who are interested in: should I have a category “E” for vehicles with a trailer?

Autotrailers, which are not heavier than 750 kg, can be operated with the category “B”.

Taking as a basis the above, it is safe to conclude that if the weight of the trailer is not more than 0.75 tons, then the category ВП “E” is not needed.

If the weight of the vehicle with the trailer is not more than 3 500 kg, then there is also a need for an additional subcategory “E”. But without nuances it does not work here.

A non-category “E” car can be used on a vehicle with a weight of not more than 3.5 t. In this case, the category “B” will fit.
When is the “B” category only necessary?
With it it is possible to manage an auto-train with an auto trailer mass in 0,75 tons and a car, the weight of which is not important.

Motorists with the rights of category “B”, “C”, “D” have the right to control also motor transport with a trailer is not heavier than 750 kg. The weight of the composition itself also does not matter.

In other cases, the category “E” is required. The experience of driving a car owner, in order to get it, must be at least one year.

It should be known that each category of SP has age limitations. A category “A” can be obtained even at the age of 16. But only those who have reached the age of 18 will receive the category “B”. Deciding to get the category “D” will have to wait 20 years.
Driving a trailer from the categories O3 and O4
The law clearly regulates such types of automobile trailers. In order for a motorist to be able to drive a car with such a trailer, he does not have the category “B”, because here the subcategory “E” is needed.

Drivers must take into account that an ATV with category C1E and D1E should not be heavier than 12,000 kg. The same weight of the car trailer should not exceed the mass of the vehicle without load.
What can threaten a motorist if he does not have rights to a caravan?
It is a pity, of course, but not all car owners know which category is needed on the trailer. But there are such, but deliberately ignores the rules. Those motorists who are irresponsible to this, endanger the other members of the DD.

Consequently, if an auto trailer without category E is used, then it can be assumed that the driver moves on the car without rights. And this violation, by law, he faces 5-15 thousand fine. The DLS inspector also has the right to bring such transport with a trailer to a free parking lot.
What documents do I need for a car trailer?
In addition to the VU, the driver should also consider the following documents:

1. registration in the traffic police. The registration of a trailer is carried out at the place of residence of the car owner. The trailer must be registered no later than 10 days after it was purchased. After registration, the motorist will receive a registration number for a car trailer and a certificate;

2. TO The frequency of technical inspection will depend on the age of the car.

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