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inspectors of the DNS

Many motorists had to be fined by the inspectors of the DNS for the absence of the sign “SH” when the vehicle was stuck rubber. In the particular case, the actions of inspectors of traffic police are completely unlawful, because they replace the points.
So is the “Thorns” sign necessary?
Winter in most regions of Russia is abundant in sediments and holliday on the road. The ice crust on the road surface significantly impairs the grip of automobile wheels with asphalt or soil. Therefore, braking on ice is often not very effective and, as a rule, leads to vehicle skidding.

As radical measures to combat such an attack, many motorists fit car tires with special spikes, which allow the driver to better control the car on a slippery, covered ice crust road. Since such a device has an impact on the running parameters of vehicles, a special pictogram should be provided on the rear glass of the vehicle to prevent drivers of drivers who drive behind the vehicle.

This “SH” sign must be installed only on those vehicles whose wheels bear spiked rubber. The purpose of such a mark is to protect all the participants of the DD. Wheeled wheels with bulging tires can throw thorns while driving, and this can be caused by nearby cars and pedestrians.
What kind of fine is foreseen in 2017 if there is no “Sh” sign
Decree of the Government of Russia No. 333 dated 24.03. 2017 states that since 04.04. In 2017, an inspector of the traffic police may prohibit a motorist from driving a vehicle with broken tires if there is no sign “SH” on such a vehicle.

Sanctions for such violation are predetermined by Part 1 of Article 12.5 of the Administrative Code of Russia. A motorist is threatened with a warning or he may be fined in the amount of 5 hundred rubles.
Thorn sign
Setting the “SH” sign
In clause 08 of the Basic Provisions on the admission of vehicles for riding with studded rubber, there must necessarily be a sign in the form of an equilateral triangle with a red and capital letter “SH” in the middle of the triangle on a white background.

These requirements are due to the concern of the safety of all, without exception, the participants of the DD, because the wheels of vehicles with spikes can easily lead to a very serious road accident:

The braking distance of a vehicle with studded tires is somewhat shorter than that of a vehicle of the same brand and equipment, without spokes on wheels.

So, a man driving a car behind the car is unlikely to be able to respond and stop in a timely manner, since many rely on personal experience and keep a safe distance based on the performance of the braking system with standard tires.

The poor quality of the tire is manifested by flying out when driving thorns that can damage the front glass next to the car. In addition to the spikes, rocks are often driven from under the wheels of the vehicle.

“Sh” should be clearly visible from 20 meters, and therefore it must be fixed on the rear window of the car. But if the windows of the car are covered with toning, then from the outside of it.
Responsibility of a motorist in an accident
If the car owner decides to ignore the requirements of the law, then he should prepare for the most negative consequences. In the event of an accident, a formally guilty motorist struck in a car with studded tires, has the right to sue a careless motorist who did not know how to warn the rest of the participants of the DD about the peculiarities of his car.

Practice has already shown repeatedly, judges often assign responsibility for the incident to both motorists. And this is important, when settling your questions with the company-insurer: usually, to repair damaged vehicles and the first and second owner of the car is at his own expense. So, the management of the TC assumes mandatory strict compliance with the rules of the DD, and, moreover, a respectful attitude to other participants DD. After all, this behavior is reflected also in the safety of the motorist himself.

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