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Terms of placing the car on the account in traffic police after purchase in 2017: how not to late and can they delay the registration of cars?

Buying a vehicle makes the life of a motorist comfortable and raises his self-esteem. Such an event for a happy owner of a car, although joyful, but still a little troublesome, because the acquisition of the car will entail the need to place a purchase for registration in the traffic police. So, those who only intend to transfer to private transport, it will not be interesting to know what the driver is given a time for registration of the car.

State registration of TC is obligatory, because without it it is forbidden to ride a car.

By itself, this process takes a lot of time and the blame for it at times is itself employees of the MREO.
And what is the law on this issue and what are the deadlines for registration of the TC established?

The law says that all actions that must be performed by a driver and an employee of the traffic police on the delivery of a car for registration are reflected in the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia of November 24, 2008 under No. 1001.

This order also states that any motor vehicle must be registered with the Auto Inspection within 10 days from the date of purchase.
Duration of procedure and probability of delay

As soon as an application is accepted in the MREO, within 1 hour the vehicle must be registered. Earlier this was given three hours.
But where can a motorist apply if the MREO does not meet the deadlines?

If the registration organization for some reason could not comply with the timing of registration of the car, then the motorist has the right to complain to the local department of traffic police, having written a statement in advance. The document will need to reflect: the address of the MREO and the position of the perpetrator of this employee. Also in the application you must specify the passport data, the number of home and mobile phone, your address, describe the essence of the problem and set out the claim.
Period of registration of the car for traffic police
And what is a violation of the terms of the owner of the car?

If the car owner did not have time to re-register the car in 10 days, then he would have to pay a fine of 5 thousand. In case if the car was sold and it was not up to the new owner, the receipts can be received by the old owner. If such a situation happens, then he will need to provide the necessary documents to the issuing fine of the traffic police to write a statement.
Can a new owner drive on a motor vehicle taken off in the traffic police?

If the car is not yet registered, then you can ride it, but not more than five days. But if the cars have transit numbers, then do not exceed 30 days.

Important! It is mandatory to remove a car from registration in the following cases: after hijacking. The car participated in a recycling program.

By the way, after this car can not be put into account again, if the owner will change his mind. If the car owner goes abroad for a long time, then the car will need to be removed from the registration and put on a new place for registration.
Features of the design

Terms of registration of cars are regulated by law:

So, for about 15 minutes, the motorist will have to stand in line. Then a car will be inspected for about 20 minutes. 10 minutes goes to the decision to deliver the vehicle to the account. About 20 minutes will take a check of information and 10 to issue license plates.

The reasons that may hinder the issue in 1 hour will be: the need to collect additional information in the absence of the possibility of obtaining information from the database traffic police.
What will be considered when checking the car?

On the degree of tonicity of the car glass.

Coincidence of engine and body numbers.

The steering wheel must comply with the GOST.

If it is available, then there is a permission for the gas plant, bumper, optics and rear headlights.

But if you do not want to tremble the nervous system, it is desirable to use the services of those people who will carry out all the necessary procedures without the participation of the owner of the car. Help, of course, will not be gratuitous. But if the car was bought abroad, together with the documents it will be necessary to provide all the available customs papers, which could confirm that the car has paid all taxes.

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