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If PTS is a duplicate, is it worth buying a car?

Ports or everything is lost, so often happens. Lost literally everything: passport, technical documentation, and much more. If, for example, the driver has lost the PTS, then it is categorically impossible for him to drive a vehicle. He should then write a statement to the traffic police and ask him to give him a duplicate of this document.

The buyer of the vehicle with the mileage will be alerted when seeing a duplicate of the TC’s passport, because the original deal is much safer than with a “copy.”

It is difficult to recognize the case if a car is pledged or taken in a car loan with a “clone” of the PTS. This, by the way, is the most widespread fraudulent scheme in our country. Below you can find out what is the danger of a “copy” of the PTS and how to avoid risks.
What is it a copy of the PTS?

The copy will receive the “Special Notes” column, which says: “A duplicate. It is also indicated that it is a replacement of the lost old PTS “with the mandatory indication of the details of the script.
Does a copy of the PTS differ from the original?

In it, in the same way as in the original 24, the graphs, in which indicated: vehicle stamp, VIN number, body type, information about the power unit, year of issue of the car, mass, owner’s initials and other data about him.

Scammers when selling a car pass fraudulent buyers to fraudulent TCs, which are not so easy to distinguish from the original. A professional, maybe he can find differences, but for the ordinary citizen, this, most likely, does not “threaten”. Any copy always indicates that the document is a replacement of the lost one.

There are also watermarks on the PTS. Since the “clones” are made hands-on, then, consequently, they are made inaccurately.

A copy of the PTS is issued at the change of the owner of the car, in the case of loss / theft of the original, the change of residence of the owner of the vehicle TS and in the absence of data to fill the vacancy in the old.
Duplicate PTS
Should I be afraid of a duplicate of the PTS, and if so – what to fear?

In our country, scammers successfully turn around various questionable schemes. Most often, they are, of course, scams roaming with real estate, rather than with cars. But nevertheless, what threatens the acquisition of a car with a “clone” of documents?

Before stinging to implement his sinister plan, the owner of the scammer writes to the traffic police a statement about the loss of the PTS and receives a copy of the document on the basis of the owner. Then he puts the car on sale.

The buyer is not even aware that he will soon begin to “get” the bank and he will have to pay the loan of the old owner.

In this case, no sales documents here will be convinced by the bankers. Even in court, it will not succeed in proving its involvement.

So, in order not to be in such a grave situation, it is necessary in a bank to collect all necessary information about the status of documents.

The owner of the car having a duplicate of the PTS in his hands has virtually no chance of selling a car. Therefore, they reduce the cost of the car to a minimum, even if the passport on the car has a copy of the original, and the PTS replaced only because there were no free lines in it.

Of course, copies of the PTS also have legal force, but they nevertheless make a turbid history of the car. If such a car is very much liked, then all the documents available to him should be studied very carefully.
Should I make a purchase of such a vehicle?

There are cases when the purchase transaction will be completely legal if:

– TC had many owners. It was just that in the PTS one day, when registering, there was not enough “ill-fated” line. The seller himself has a copy of the old PTS, in which the whole history of the car is indicated;

– due to inattention, the original is lost or damaged.

The most widely used transaction in our country is the purchase of a car on a loan. When buying a car through a bank, the owner transfers the TRC to the credit institution. It often happens that subsequently the client of the bank has nothing to pay car loans.

The car owner writes an application to the traffic police, receives a copy of the PTS and issues a recent purchase for sale. This can be avoided if you visit a car dealership in which the old owner bought a car. It is possible to ascertain whether there was a car loan issued or not.

Do not pay a stranger loan, the purchase / sale transaction is carried out through an official auto dealer in the trade-in department. In no case should contact with the dealers, because they inflate the price, but if there is no way out, they look for someone who is hopeless.

When purchasing a vehicle from a person who showed a general from the owner, it is not uncommon for the credit institution to take the car into account for payment of the debt. Sometimes car dealers have to suffer because of their oversight, because they do not carefully work documents on the car, and then they just have no one to put forward claims.

In the department of trade-in is also not particularly alarmed when seeing a copy of the old PTS. It turns out to be secured by making an agreement through an authorized dealer.
Pros and cons

If you buy a vehicle with a copy of the PTS plus only one – the affordable cost of the car, but as for the past

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