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The contract of purchase and sale of the car in 2017. How to correctly prepare a contract agreement for the purchase of a car in 2017 for a physical. persons

The sale of a vehicle – though not to say so complicated, but still somewhat troublesome. In order to somehow avoid problems in the future, it makes sense to consider the moments of this kind of transaction and the contract of sale of the car in 2017 more detailed.
Buy / Sell a car
The very process of the transaction of car sales involves several important steps:

The first is a preliminary meeting and agreement between the car buyer and the seller. The parties negotiate all the intricacies of the transaction and coordinate all important issues.

The second is the registration of the documents necessary for the transaction. The seller and the buyer of the TP fill out the form of the contract of sale / purchase and the PTS.

The third is the transfer of a car and documents. The buyer, in turn, pays the price of the car, and the seller handles it to the buyer. At the same time, the parties who make the transaction process exchange the necessary documentation.

Fourth – the buyer, having become the owner of the car, reissues the TC to himself, putting it in the account in the traffic police.

It should be remembered that the seller of cars at the purchase / sale of his car in 2017 under the new rules, registration of motor vehicles is not required.
purchase and sale of a car

The PTS for sale includes the following information:

– owner’s personal data;

– data of the person buying the car;

– the day, month and year of the transaction;

– information about the contract of sale / purchase;

– Signatures of the parties.

If one of the persons performing the transaction has a legal status, the signatures must be sealed.

It goes without saying that to each car owner it is necessary, someone early, somebody is late, to sell his car. The reasons for this can be quite different.

However, there is also one unifying problem for all motorists – competently compiling the text of the contract of sale of vehicles. It is precisely this situation that will be discussed in detail in this article below.

Also, for the sake of clarity, the electronic form of the contract for the purchase / sale of a motor vehicle is described, which can be used when signing the contract. If necessary, it can be filled directly at the moment of sale of the car.
PTS at the time of signing the contract bought a car sale in 2017

First you should consider the possible ways of transferring a car by the seller of the TC to the buyer:

General power of attorney

This method was widespread earlier, but today it contains only a bunch of disadvantages for both the person buying a car and the seller who sells it. If, suppose, there is a proposal to buy or sell a car for a “general”, then it is highly recommended not to very much trust the second participant in the transaction.
Written joint written agreement on the sale of a car
This kind of transfer of the right to own a car is the most common, which is why it should be considered in more detail in this article.

The procedure for registration of a transaction for the purchase and sale of motor vehicles is not in itself a very complicated process. To do this, it is necessary to sign a written agreement in an arbitrary form.

However, it is recommended to use samples and forms in order to avoid any errors and not miss anything.

It should be noted that such a fact, how to buy and sell a car in 2017 is not necessarily notarized. But despite this, some motorists seek a lawyer to draft a contract. Of course, for such a service will have to pay (as a rule it costs 1-2% of the total price of the TC).
How to fill out the form of the agreement on sale and purchase of the car in 2017 correctly
download the car sales agreement form in 2017
First, some general points that are directly relevant to all major points of the purchase / sale transaction should be considered:

1. It is important to fill in the graph with all available information.

2. If any graphs are left blank, they should be marked with a dash. Counts should be filled from the beginning of the line, in order to exclude the possibility of adding unnecessary information to empty places by other persons involved in the transaction.

Let’s dwell in more detail on the information that should be included in each of the windows of the blank form of the contract:

1. In the form on the top left, you should enter the name of the city where the transaction is carried out.

2. In the case from above, the number, month and year of the sale of a car must be indicated.

3. The second line of the contract is filled by the initials of the seller of the car, and in the fourth line the personal data of the buyer of the car shall be indicated.

4. The maximum information about the vehicle must be reflected in paragraph 1.1. It is mandatory to provide information about the STS and its license plates. First of all, this is connected with the fact that all cars in 2017 are sold without withdrawal from registration.

5. In clause 2.1 it is necessary to indicate the cost of the car.

6. In clause 3.1 indicate the time when the seller of the car, after receiving funds, must transfer the vehicle to the buyer.

7. In clause 4.1, the address for which the goods are supposed to be transferred must be indicated. This item is finite

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